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Hoisington Municipal Court - Jan. 16
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Patrick A. Doty, harassment by telephone, trial March 6
Tony Erskin, violation of protection from abuse, failed to appear
Brandi Hall, loud music, fine $50, court costs $110
Nichole McConkey, inattentive driving, continue to Feb. 6
Nichole McConkey, no proof of insurance, continued to Feb. 6
David McDowell, disorderly conduct, fine $100, court costs $110
Dustin A. McPhail, illegal tag, fine $35, court costs $110
Myra Dean Mills, vicious animal, continued to Feb. 6
Myra Dean Mills, dog at large, continued to Feb. 6
Orlandus Neal, vehicle licence/illegal tag, dismissed
Orlandus Neal, parking disabled vehicle, dismissed, court costs $110
Harold E. Norman Jr., battery, fine $260
Jesse G. Pribble, criminal trespass, trial Feb. 6
Kent A. Rich, expired tag, trial Feb. 20
Kent A. Rich, no proof of insurance, trial, Feb. 20
Jesse Andrew Roat, battery domestic violence, dismissed
Jesse Andrew Roat, battery domestic violence, dismissed
Clinton Rogers, battery domestic violence, trail March 6
Joshua L. Scott, battery domestic violence, trial March 6
Joshua D. Spears, drive without license, continued to Feb. 6
Chris A. Stevenson, battery domestic violence, trial March 6
Eric J. Tauscher, unlawful restraint, trial Feb. 6
Eric J. Tauscher, battery domestic violence, trial Feb. 6
Brian White, expired tag, dismissed, court costs $110