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Hoisington Municipal Court - June 5
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Travis J. Beal, violation of protection from abuse, continued to July 3
Leah R. Becker, battery domestic violence, continued to July 17
Andrew E. Cain, no proof insurance, continued to July 3
Andrew E. Cain, drive while suspended, continued to July 3
Troy A. Davis, expired tag, fine $35, court costs $110
Matthew R. Harsh, disorderly conduct, fine $50, court costs $110
Matthew R. Harsh, habitual violator, fine $200, court costs $110
Dustin L. Hawkins, battery domestic violence, failed to appear
Calvin J. Hinz, theft, trial July 3
Calvin J. Hinz, criminal trespass, trial July 3
Billie J. Lohr, registration required, fine $50
Billie J. Lohr, evidence of rabies vaccination, fine $50
Billie J. Lohr, dog at large, fine $50, court costs $110
Doran J. Margheim, failure to report accident, trial July 3
Doran J. Margheim, leaving the scene, trial July 3
Luke Van McConkey, no drivers license, fine $100, court costs $110
Myra Dean Mills, vicious animal
Myra Dean Mills, dog at large
Justin P. Peak, assault, fine $50, court costs $110
Brittani L. Pflughoeft, assault, court costs $110
Kenneth W. Piland, criminal trespass, failed to appear
Kenneth W. Piland, interference with law enforcement officer, failed to appear
Jason K. Stegman, no proof of insurance, dismissed upon proof
Jason K. Stegman, drive while suspended, trial July 3
Guadalupe Torres-Hernandez, no drivers license, trial July 17
Jody L. Umphrey, theft, trial July 17
Jody L. Umphrey, theft, trial July 17
Jake W. Varah, disorderly conduct, fine $100, court costs $110
Leland T. Vasquez, drive without license, failed to appear
Heidi M. Wintholz, cruelty to animals, continued to June 19
Heidi M. Wintholz, running at large, continued to June 19