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Hoisington names Cardinal Core
hoi kl cardinal core
Pictured in the back row are Logan Reidal, Seth Owen, Taylor Crawford and Anthoy Broeder; and in the front row are Jenny Ferking, Ashley Durr, Peter McCool and Cayton Janesek. They are this weeks USD 431 Cardinal Core.

HOISINGTON — Hoisington High School students are nominated for the Cardinal Core by living the positive attitudes established by the students. Ashley Durr and Jenny Fercking have been nominated for helping to run the Garrett Blaze Memorial Debate Tournament.  Ashley and Jenny used their grit all day on a Saturday always willing to do what was needed to make sure it tournament ran efficiently.
Logan Reidal was nominated because he is a great leader in band class and has shown that he is willing to help out the people in his section, go above and beyond what is required of him, and is very respectful to everyone he encounters. Logan provides support for Mr. Schmidt during the freshman boys P.E. class.   At the homecoming football game, he was asked to help load the Roto Mix grill.  Not only did Logan say sure, but he took the responsibility to get four other young men to help.  
Cayton Janesek is serving as president of the electric car team and through his leadership things have really started to come together. His teammates look up to him and respect his knowledge for the project.  Cayton also shows his leadership and positive attitude through his school spirit during homecoming week and helping to make the car bash a success.
Ryan Becker and Anthony Broeder did a great job of helping Mr. Cooper at the Hoisington High School Golf Invitational last Monday.  Ryan and Anthony worked hard to make sure that things got taken care of throughout the tournament and stayed to help put the carts away.  Thank you for helping to make our invitational a success.
Seth Owen demonstrated leadership and patience by stepping up to help his younger peers with their math work.  When Seth entered Mrs. William’s classroom he recognized that Mrs. Williams could use an extra hand at explaining math problems. He volunteered to help students out and it was greatly appreciated.  
Taylor Crawford has demonstrated his leadership role as he represents Hoisington High School serving as District B President for FCCLA.  Taylor’s leadership is not only obvious in FCCLA but also in his classroom efforts and with his involvement in music.  Taylor is a polite young man who is always willing to help out when needed such as volunteering to line judge at a home volleyball match even though his family was there visiting.
Peter McCool has spent endless hours over the past two years providing video coverage for our video productions class during and beyond the normal school day.  Peter represents our core values as he is seen throughout Hoisington providing coverage for a variety of events.   Peter is reliable and responsible to run the live stream on Friday night football games and he is single handedly the reason that our video productions class gets the news cast out to the public in a timely manner.