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May Students of the Month
cla kl students of the month

May Students of the Month

Central Plains Middle School recognized Kassidy Pflughoeft and Alex Hickel as the May Students of the Month.
Pflughoeft is the daughter of Brian and Missy Pflughoeft and is in the eighth grade. Her siblings are Brittany and Zac.
Pflughoeft participates in volleyball, basketball, track, band and vocal. Her favorite class in school is English. When asked what she likes best about school, she replied, “Seeing my friends.”
Susan Weber said, “The first thing Kassidy does every time she walks into class is tell me, “Hello, Mrs. Weber!” She greets adults in the hallways. She is a very hard worker. Work is completed on time without any complaints. She always does what she is supposed to be doing, whether it is class work or her behavior. She gets along well with her classmates. It is a pleasure to have Kassidy in our school.”
Denise Dohrman said, “Kassidy quietly goes about her business and has worked hard all year.”
Hickel is the son of Kyle Hickel and Angie Liebl and is in the seventh grade. Alex’s siblings are Konnor, Emma and Kendall.
Hickel participates in band, quiz bowl, football, basketball and track. His favorite subject in school is math. What Alex likes best about school is, “Hanging out with his friends.”
Jeff Potter nominated Alex and said, “Alex Hickel comes to class everyday with a smile on his face and he is ready to start. When it comes to assignments, projects, or labs Alex Hickel will do his part. You need a leader? You need a friend? Then you need Alex Hickel because he is all heart.”