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Miss Sally takes a trip
ell kl Miss sally

Chris McCord, owner of the Wolf Hotel in Ellinwood, rushed into the hallway where  he found his friend, the mannequin Miss Sally Wolf, crumpled in a heap at the bottom of the stairs.
“Miss Sally, did you fall? Are you okay?”said Chris, who was very concerned.
“I’ve got a very bad headache,” she moaned. “And then I fell coming down the stairs. Did you build some new stairs and not tell me?”
“No Miss Sally, I didn’t build new stairs. Tell me the story from the beginning,” said Chris.
“Well, after I got home from church, I began making my delicious Amish Friendship Bread to give to the visitors,” she said. “And then, I decided to start on my  delicious  fruitcake that I give as Christmas presents.”
“You started in February the fruitcake that you are giving in December?” said Chris incredulously and making  mental note NOT to eat any.
“Well yes,” she admitted.” I tasted the fruit starter on the shelf that has been percolatin’ since December.”
“How much did you drink?” said Chris, beginning to get the picture.
“Well, all of it” she admitted. “It’s because the communion bread was very dry at church. I was very thirsty.”
“I was going to drive to the store and get aspirin. I’ve got terrible headache,” she added.
“Miss Sally, is it possible that fruit fermented?” said Chris. “Give me your keys, you’re not driving anywhere.”
“Absolutely not,” said Miss Sally
“Give me your keys and let’s get you to bed,” said her good friend Chris, “and no more drinking all of the fruitcake starter!”