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National Pi Day
cla kl Pi
After successfully completing State Math Assessments, Central Plains Middle School math students celebrated National Pi Day. Appropriately enough, Pi Day was March 14. (Mathematical pi is 3.14) They began the week by reading Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi. They were then challenged to memorize as many digits of mathematical pi as they could. A contest on Wednesday determined the winner of each grade. Sixth grade winner was Cameron Hekele(at left) with 46 digits. Emma Williams (center), seventh grade, memorized the most of any grades and won the seventh grade division with 79 digits. Fifty-two memorized digits was enough for Braedan Crites (on right) to claim the eighth grade top prize. Each student who memorized at least fifteen digits was rewarded with a roll of Smarties candies for each group of fifteen. The winner of each class was rewarded with a homemade pie. The week culminated with learning pi songs (to Christmas carol tunes) and one group of eighth graders carolled the other classes.