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New books at the Ellinwood Library
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There are new books at the Ellinwood School/Community Library. They are:
“The Long Earth” by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter. In the year 2015, the police discover a curious gadget in the burned out wreckage of the home of a reclusive scientist. It is the prototype of an invention that will change the way humankind views the world forever. But be careful what you wish for.
“Mission To Paris” by Alan Furst. Hollywood film star Fredric Stahl is on his way to Paris to make a movie in the late summer of 1938. Germany targets him as part of a program to intimidate and weaken French morale. But what they don’t know is that Stahl serves as a secret spy for the Americans and is up to the challenge.
“The Risk Agent” by Ridley Pearson. A Chinese national working for an American company is grabbed off the streets of Shanghai. A specialist in international security negotiates for the recover of the kidnapped hostage, but complex political situations and corrupt individuals make this work anything but straightforward. Can outsiders get the job accomplished?
“The Devil in Pew Number Seven” by Rebecca Nichols Alonzo. In 1969, a madman targeted the pastor of a small community church for a campaign of terror and violence. This is the true story of tragedy and redemption told by the daughter who survived the deadly onslaught.
“The Witness” by Nora Roberts. Abigail Lowery has built a life based on security and self-control. But now she is at risk of losing both, especially when her past comes back to threaten her sheltered and isolated existence. Local Police Chief Brooks Gleason suspects that Abigail needs protection from something, and that her elaborate defenses hide a story. When he intervenes, his life also hangs in the balance.
“A Blaze of Glory” by Jeff Shaara. In the novel of the Battle of Shiloh, Shaara takes us to the action-packed western theater of the Civil War, where Confederate General Johnson is poised for a surprise attack on Union General Grant’s forces, anchored by a humble church named Shiloh. By the end of the first day of fighting, two major events, both unexpected, will turn the tide of the battle, and perhaps the war itself.
Sharon Sturgis is the librarian for the Ellinwood School/Community Library.