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New books available at the Ellinwood Library
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ELLINWOOD — There are new books at the Ellinwood School/Community Library. They are:
Karen Kingsbury is the bestselling author of more than thirty books and one of America’s favorite inspirational storytellers. She was previously a staff writer for the Los Angeles Times and a “People” magazine contributor, before sharing her talents as a popular fiction writer. These are some of her work, and these titles are new to the Ellinwood library.
“In Longing,” Bailey Flanigan is dizzy over her new Hollywood co-star, Brandon Paul. After a long and lonely silence from Cody, Bailey wonders if she should move on. Cody is also questioning his relationship with Bailey, and finds himself close to someone new. But hearts are still hurting, and will honesty finally prevail?
“Hannah’s Hope” is a story of a young woman searching for her real father. A local politician and the newspaper catch wind of her quest and a national TB station posts a letter from her. Soon everyone is caught up in Hannah’s hope, that she’ll find her father before the holidays.
“Gideon’s Gift” features a homeless man who took to the streets after the death of his beloved wife and daughter. But little eight-year-old Gideon Mercer reaches out to him, even in her own terminal illness. Do Christmas miracles still happen?
“In Sarah’s Song,” an older woman hangs an ornament on the Christmas tree, and with every decoration she sings a different song, reliving a chapter out of her story. The lilting music draws in a desperate young woman, a nurse who listens at the door. As Sarah sings, she hopes her new friend will understand the true gift of love, and bring faith and peace to her life.
“Maggie’s Miracle” presents a young boy holding on to a precious dream, a disillusioned woman, and a man looking for meaning. In the center of the story is a decades old promise only heaven can fulfill.
“A Thousand Tomorrows” offers two great characters. One is a talented cowboy, angry and isolated. Another is a mysterious woman with a secret. The two are national champions, top of their game, alone and intent on staying that way. How could they know what would happen when their two worlds meet?
“Just Beyond the Clouds” is the unforgettable story of two brothers and the only woman whose love can set them both free. Still aching over his wife’s death, Cody can’t bear the thought of also letting go of Carl, his Down Syndrome brother. But then Carl’s teacher, Elle, begins to champion his independence and the battle begins. But even as Elle and Cody find themselves at odds over Carl’s future, their hearts become involved. Can Cody let go of his pain and embrace hope for a brighter future?

Sharon Sturgis is the librarian at the Ellinwood School/Community Library.