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One paint stroke at a time
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HOISINGTON —Though outdoors is becoming brisk and cool with the fall temps, the Wilson State Bank east stone wall is warm and inviting with the 9 a.m. morning for the
Hoisington art class and teacher Christine Lamoureaux.  The painting subject will be a landscape of Cheyenne Bottoms along with cultural components representing the community.
Students involved are Olivia Lowry, Kim Harper, Desmond Noah, Presley Smith and Paxtin  Carey all  in the advanced art class. They  renamed as Project Management and Resource Scheduling which requires planning, teamwork and individuals taking up leadership in many areas. All of Lamoureaux’s art students have thrown ideas into the imagination crock pot and have created ideas that have led to the final design.
One stroke happens at a time as time is short; 10 minutes to get to the mural destination with materials, listen for instructions, 15 minutes to place the stroke and blend, then 10 minutes to gather materials, arrive back at school and 10 minutes to clean up. The challenge seems impossible but Hoisington students have equipped themselves with core values- grit and their positive attitude.
Lowry is the lead artist and will be finalizing the painting composition. Lowry paints downtown for an additional hour for an independent study class. She will continue through the next few fall weeks to paint the artistic details of birds flying, and farmland with Hoisington’s cultural images as weather allows.
Another set of students within the Graphic Design class will paint the graphics with the design also as weather allows.

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