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Poster awards
ell kl prevention
The poster award winners at Ellinwood Grade School for Fire Prevention Week were: kindergarten, 1st place, Lauren Knop, Callie Schartz; 2nd place, Bella Baker, Jacob Hayes; first grade, 1st place, Cole Petz, Allison McReynolds; 2nd place, Heratio Baker, Grace Hoskins; second grade, 1st place Kelton Nichols, Ashley Herrman; 2nd place, Emily Frakes, Justine Kochersperger; third grade, 1st place, Thyler Robinson, Ryan Niles; second place, Brook Degenhardt, Faith Ringering; Fourth grade, 1st place, Haven Sjogren, Jon Whisnant; 2nd place, Janna Caspers, Landon Robl; fifth grade, 1st place, Sarah Frakes, Andre Vargas; 2nd place, Kassidy Pflughoeft, Keaton Robl; and sixth grade, 1st place, Hunter Pemberton, Drew Danner; and 2nd place Brynlee Baker, Hunter Chain.