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Society sponsors new mural to promote Ellinwood
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ELLINWOOD —The Ellinwood Community Historical Society made the decision to sponsor a new and different promotion of Ellinwood. Plans are to have a mural painted on the south side of the Dick Building, which is on the northwest corner of Main and Santa Fe. The mural will depict the past and present of Ellinwood. Several different styles and types of murals were submitted for study. The one chosen will have a postcard motif featuring different scenes.
The background of the mural will be a vast wheat field with features of an oil derrick and the cattle industry with geese flying over to symbolize the hunting in the area, and the Kansas Wetland Center with Cheyenne Bottoms to the north, and the corresponding Salt Marshes or Quivira on the south (the Wildlife and Wetlands Byway). On the west side of the mural, a depiction will represent the Ellinwood Underground.
The individual postcard features will include the Wolf Brewery Wagon. It will represent the great contribution by the Wolf Family (John, Fred and Frederick) to the town of Ellinwood with the Brewery, the Mill and Wolf Park among many other things. The second post card will have a freight wagon to depict one of the many wagon trains which came through the area on the Santa Fe Road. The Santa Fe Railroad and its importance in the settlement of the town will be the subject of the third post card.
Work on the mural is planned for the time of the After Harvest Festival in July. People are welcome to watch the progress of this work of art. It will be done by California artist Tim Conway of the Sacramento area. He has a number of murals to his credit. They consist of a variety of styles and are both interior and exterior works.
The Historical Society invites everyone to donate to this project if possible. They accept a donation of any amount but encourage a donation of at least $25. If you make a donation of this amount or more, your name will be included on a plaque installed at the mural site. They are calling it a “bucket of paint” donation.
The artist has graciously donated his painting fee to the project, although the group will provide his transportation, which is $500 for airfare, the paint and the equipment needed. His room and board during his approximately two weeks’ stay in the area have been donated.
They have also received the use of a scaffold. The society will need the use of a type of a bucket truck for a portion of the mural over the present awning. The paint, and the supplies such as paint brushes, etc. have to be purchased. They will also need boards to be used on the scaffolding. Any help given will be graciously appreciated. Visitors are welcome to view the work in progress.
Send donations or offer of materials to the Ellinwood Community Historical Society at PO Box 111, Ellinwood, KS 67526. Mention the mural on the memo line of your check.