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Students caught living the Cardinal Core
hoi kl cardinal core
Pictured above are Hoisington High School students who are caught living with Hoisington High School core values. They are, back row, from left, Keil Springer, Cody Richter, Corey Demel, Terance Croslin and Shawn Turley; and front row, Dominique Hoch, Matraca Ochs, Nick Dorschlage and Karisa Schremmer.

HOISINGTON — Hoisington High School is recognizing students who are caught living with the schools’ core values. They were:
•Kory Demel was a great help to a staff member as she was rushing down the stairs to get to the middle school for volleyball practice. Her phone fell out of her pocket on the very last step. Kory came from the hallway to help her pick up her phone that fell apart and broke in a million pieces. She appreciated his caring efforts when he took the time to help pick up her mess.
•Cody Richter has been a great help in the office each morning. Cody has been putting in extra time serving as office an aid by taking time out of his lunch to answer the phone and provide Becky with needed support. Each day Cody provides a positive attitude that spreads throughout the office.  
•Dominique Hoch is recognized for the grit he showed on the freshmen community service day building equipment for the Pride Park. Dominique worked really hard in his group to make sure that their projects were assembled correctly.
•Karisa Schremmer has  been nominated because she always goes above and beyond what is expected of her in class and all the activities she is involved in. Her leadership by example never goes without notice.
•Terance Croslin was has been nominated because he steps up to provide support and help with extra activities. Terance was there to make sure that teacher Mrs. Lewis had all the help she needed for the Showcase presentation and clean up.  On the freshmen community service day, Terance was one of the last freshmen who stayed make sure all of the projects were completed for the Pride Park.
•Shawn Turley and Nick Dorschlage worked hard during the freshmen community service day at Pride Park. When the majority of work was completed, they chose to stay and help with the remaining jobs instead of going back with the group.  
•Keil Springer has been nominated for the positive attitude he walks into school with each day. Keil just makes people feel good as he greets everyone with a smile and a good morning.
•Matraca Ochs has been actively involved with providing ideas that represent the high school students during student advisory. Matraca evaluates the information that discussed and offers great perspective on student needs and the ideas that will benefit our school culture.