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The Saga of Miss Sally Wolf
ell kl miss sally

Miss Sally Wolf, the mannequin at the Wolf Hotel, dressed up in her Caspar the friendly ghost costume to go a-huntin’ for ghosts.
She joined a group of other people for the tour. Some people snickered when they saw her  costume.
“You can catch a ghost with a net,” insisted Miss Sally, sure that’s what they were laughing about. “Right Chris?”
“Well,” said Chris (who really does talk to the mannequin), “you can try.”
The group started trouping through the old building.
Miss Sally gasped. “What was that?”
“It’s just the floor squeaking,” said Chris. “In a building that’s over a hundred years old, sometimes the floor squeaks.”
Soon the tour was done, and all of the guests departed. Miss Sally never got to try out her net.
“No ghosts,” said a disappointed Miss Sally.
“There is no such things ghosts,” said Chris, as they closed down and left for the evening.
Creak, CREak,CREAK. . .

The saga of Miss Sally Wolf is a bi-monthly adventure of the mannequin at the Wolf Hotel in Ellinwood. See the column also at