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Tillotson's return from Romania
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ELLINWOOD — Ellinwood residents Scott, Debbie and Chase Tillotson returned on Aug. 27 from a Christian Family Conference in Romania. The conference was hosted by Star of Hope Romania for families who care for a child with disabilities. The Tillotson family was supported by friends, family and churches across the state of Kansas, making it possible to make the journey from Kansas to Romania. Each of the three family members played a major role in the conference.
Chase, a vibrant young man who just turned 15, was able to share his journey with disabilities through the help of technology. His deafness and inability to speak did not prevent him from using his iPad to type out his message of hope to the families in Romania. He made friends everywhere he went in his wheelchair.
Scott, a physical therapist was able to share not only his technical knowledge of how to help keep the disabled child mobile, but shared how important fathers were to their children and families. Debbie, a pediatric dietician shared nutrition information with the families. Her most memorable sharing was reminding the participants that God doesn’t make mistakes and that each child, no matter the physical or mental state, is perfect.
The family was able to visit several Romanian families and learn about family life in rural Romania. They also were able to do some sightseeing in Romania as well as a stopover in Rome on the way home.
They are available for interviews or to share their mission with any church, organization, school or group interested in learning more. Call Star of Hope (866) 653-0321 to schedule a speaking engagement or to learn more. Hearing their story will impact everyone for the better.
Star of Hope is a non-profit organization with projects in 16 of the poorest countries across the world. Each day 30,000 children and their families benefit from the projects. Contact them at (866) 653-0321 or visit for more information and ways you can help.