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Volunteer trolley drivers needed in Hoisington
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Pictured above is the new McKenna Meadows housing addition prospective plan. The Land Bank will have to have the Hoisington Planning Commission review the plan. The Land Bank Committee has decided against proceeding Phase II of the project, property 6-12, because of the cost of fill for the area in the flood plain. Phase I of the project includes property 1-6. Engineering estimates say that Phase II would take 2,280 truck loads of ill dirt of pull it out of the flood plain.

HOISINGTON — At its regular meeting held on Tuesday, the Hoisington City Council heard of the need for volunteer trolley drivers. The city will be receiving a new trolley next year. The trolley runs five days per week and has 500 passengers per month, according to Pat Conrad, director. The trolley will take people to doctor’s appointments and allows them to stay in their homes for a longer period.
In other business, City Manager Jonathan Mitchell was directed by the council to get bids for utility service to McKenna Meadows, the new housing addition prospective plan. He will get bids for the cost of sewer installation, curb and guttering. Mitchell thought the city workers might be able to install the fresh water and electricity.
The McKenna Meadows street needs a name, and suggestions can be made to council members.
Mitchell has learned that the Chamber of Commerce will make a $12,000 grant to the city for infrastructure from the Community Enhancement Grant that the chamber has received.
Subway, 169 S. Main St.,  has asked to be made a Community Improvement District. Mitchell said Subway made $275,000 worth of improvements to the building, and they are requesting 2 percents for 22 years. A public hearing will be held on the issue.
Volunteers and the freshman class from Hoisington High School will be on hand Friday to assemble the equipment for Pride Park. They will be starting out at 8 a.m. and volunteers are welcome.
The fee schedule effective Nov. 15 has been adopted. The franchise fee for telephone service is $2.75 per line instead of the former 5 percent.
Water rates will go up for the minimum bill to $16.45 from $16.05 for 2,000 gallons.  Each additional 1,000 gallons  per month has gone up to $6.35 from $6.15. The fee for non-delivered bulk water has gone up to $12 per thousand gallons.
The Kansas Municipal Energy Association will provide notice the MKEC to terminate the load following electrical agreement. This would terminate the agreement no later than Dec. 31, 2015. The council approved the termination. According to City Manager Jonathan Mitchell, the city would save approximately $6,000 per month in electric cost.
In final business, the council:
•Passed the accounting waiver from GAAP requirements.
•Approved the appropriations ordinance.
•Mitchell presented updates to the cemetery code. The item was tabled.
•Held an executive session for the consideration of the purchase of property. No action was taken.
•Approved tearing down the shelter house at McKenna Meadows  and filling it back in.