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BCC to host Supernova Watch Party
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Barton Community College will offer local residents a chance to witness the death of a star or a “supernova” using two of Barton’s large telescopes at a Supernova Watch Party from 8-10 p.m. Monday, Feb. 3 on the east side of the soccer complex.
Barton Physics and Astronomy Instructor Dr. Tim Folkerts said this is the brightest and closest supernova in more than 20 years. He said this is a very rare opportunity to witness one of the universe’s most dramatic, unusual events.
“You tend to think of a star as lasting forever, but they eventually end,” he said. “Some stars will come to a spectacular end where they literally blow themselves apart.”
Folkerts said that this event actually happened more than 12 million years ago. It just took the star’s light that long to reach us.
For more information contact Folkerts by calling 792-9320, via email at or “join” the event on Barton’s Facebook page.