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County adopts hazard training programs
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In the continuing effort to be prepared for any emergency that may come along, county officials have approved resolutions that address various aspects of hazard preparation this week.
The Barton County Commission approved the changes that were presented by County Administrator Richard Boeckman, who presented issues that were raised after a recent inspection by a state official.
He noted there were seven issues raised after the most recent state inspection and the county departments impacted reacted quickly, but there were also three policy changes required, and that is why issues were brought to the commission.
The resolutions detail the manner in which county workers are kept aware of hazardous conditions involved in county employment.
They also address the details of keeping records involving the notification of the employees.
Emergency Risk Manager Amy Miller will serve as the county safety officer and she will maintain those records, to insure that county employees are kept up to date about the safety issues.
In addition, each county department will provide training for its employees, Boeckman explained.
The Hazard Communication Program is designed to make sure that all county employees are educated about potential hazards and that the county keep accurate records about such training programs, Boeckman explained.
Through the program, “employees will be informed of the contents of the Hazard Communication Standard, the hazardous properties of chemicals with which they may work, safe handling procedures and measures they may take to protect themselves and others from these chemicals,” according to county information.
It was also noted that “departments will perform assessments of all work routines and, where appropriate, changes will be made to improve the safety of employees.”
 And that the county, “will provide protection for employees by promoting proper blood borne pathogens and certain body fluids protection in the work place.”