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County continues to address nuisances
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County officials have cooperated on updating the county’s nuisance code and have improved the protection of county residents in the process, Environmental Manager Judy Goreham told the Barton County Commission this week.
Goreham acknowledged the hard work the commissioners have invested in studying the code this summer.
The code is intended to protect rural residences from safety threats,
She noted the county code is designed to address junk vehicles, excessive weeds, solid waste accumulation and other issues that could cause a threat, that could create a place for vermin to breed.
“These are the things we look into,” she commented, stressing that the county’s code is not intended as a way to address anyone’s aesthetic taste. “It’s about things that directly affect health or safety.”
Goreham explained that the process calls for any complaints to go through her department and to remain there, so long as those involved are cooperating. However if that is not the case, then it can come before the commissioners.
It can also go to the county attorney for action.
And the issue can be solved by the county having the work done and then charging the property owner, Goreham explained.
“I have to work with people to clean it up. If they won’t, I have to bring it to you,” she said.
Currently, she told the commissioners, her department is working with 10 property owners. “I’m not at a brick wall with any of them,” she commented, adding that so far she doesn’t expect to have to bring any of them before the commission.
Commissioner Homer Kruckenberg said there are some serious problems that need to be addressed, however. “There are some degenerative messes out there that will have to be addressed.”