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County departments keep busy
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Barton County Departments are asked to submit a bi-weekly activity report of statistical information or a summary of services. County Administrator Richard Boeckman presented highlights from the most recent reports to the County Commission Tuesday morning.
Below is a recap of the activities.

County Engineer Clark Rusco
• Met with Kansas Department of Transportation  and Fermata representatives concerning the Scenic Byway. Drove possible Hike and Bike Trail from the K-4 overlook area into Cheyenne Bottoms.
 • Met with TransSystems from Wichita to discuss the project scope for the High Risk Rural Roads (HRRR) project. They will submit a Project Scope for review for Phase I of the Design contract. This includes county blacktops in the Galatia area.  He also met with KDOT to discuss Project Scope for Phase I of the Design contract for the HRRR project.
• Met with KDOT to discuss possible bridge demonstration project with KDOT and Federal Highway Administration. Grant application will need to be submitted by July. Eight million dollars is available for projects and there were 55 applications submitted last year for consideration.
• Met with Road and Bridge for final design for future bridge and culvert projects.
• Received flood studies and data for Ellinwood. Erika Stanley from the Division of Water Resources Risk MAP team submitted an information request to FEMA and FEMA was able to find the work maps and surveys. Stanley has also submitted requests for Albert, Hoisington and Pawnee Rock.

Road and Bridge Director Dale Phillips
• Asphalt overlay and patching continues in northwest Barton County near Galatia.
• As of May 25, the South Washington pit has mixed 20,000 tons of asphalt.
• Right of way is being mowed in southern Barton County.
• Bridge clean out work was performed at Northeast 20 Road and Southeast 60 Avenue.
• A storm-damaged tree was removed from a roadway the night of May 15.

Information Technology Director John Debes
• Monitor the TTC, exchange servers and sonic wall firewall continues. During this period, the services stopped 4,525 spam messages, 85 viruses, 75 intrusions and 3 spyware attempts.
• Assisting the Treasurer’s Office with the State’s modernization program. Currently working to download information needed to prepare the motor vehicle distribution.

Sheriff Greg Armstrong
• Barton County Detention Facility
There were 52 males booked and 57 released. Four were transported, totalling 749 miles and requiring 12.5 hours. As for females, there were 16 booked, 15 released, and 132 transported requiring 2.5 hours. There were two juveniles booked, two released and seven transported for 882 miles and 17.5 hours.
• Detention Work Detail – Trustees have worked a total of 552 hours for County, city and non-profit organizations.
• Road Patrol
Calls responded to, 203
Incident cases taken, 37
Accident cases taken, 0
• Civil process, 397 documents served to 268 individuals
Health Department Director Lily Akings
Clinic contacts totalled 241. The break down is:
Family planning, 53
Healthy Start visits, 14
Immunizations, 95
Maternal and infant, 31
TB, 22
Sexually transmitted infections, 7
Child care licensing, 8
Adult health, 4
In other news:
• Public Health is reviewing the new health care plan
• As posted by the City of Great Bend, there is blue-green algae at Vet’s Lake
• Few cases of flu are being reported in Kansas