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County works on flood issues during the drought
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It would seem that the least of local land owners’ problems right now would be high water, but as local officials of long standing can recall, it very easy to go from a drought year — the summer of 1980 — to a flood year — in the flood of 1981 — in a relatively short amount of time.
And that is why County Engineer Clark Rusco continues to work on flood issues, even in the midst of a drought.
Rusco noted he’s been working with a couple of state and regional officials on flood plain issues, and he recently attended the Kansas Association of Flood Plain Manager’s conference in Manhattan. 
Rusco reported he “met the new Division of Water Resources (DWR) Manager for Structures Chad Voight. 
“He will review and approve all permits for bridges, culverts, and dams for Barton County.”
The county engineer explained it’s easier for him to do his job if he understands how the state officials do theirs. “We discussed his preferences for permit applications and we agreed on details to be included in the permit applications for the various stream obstructions which need to be permitted by DWR.” 
Rusco added it’s just about time for him to work with the state on several local water issues. “We will soon submit permits for the Arkansas River bridges, Barton Lake Township Road and several low water structures in southwest Barton County,” he reported.
On a more regional basis, Rusco met with at federal official who has a great deal of local experience. 
The county engineer reported that he recently “met with Joe Remondini from the Tulsa Corps of Engineers (COE). Rusco explained that Remondini “has now come out of retirement and is employed by headquarters of COE.”
This area is far from new to the regional flood official, Rusco added. “It is noted that Remondini was the engineer who was responsible for most of the flood studies in this area. He retired from the Tulsa COE after 35 years.”