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Flooring project at GBMS nearing completion
GBMS computer room received new flooring earlier this month as part of a major recarpeting and tile update at the facility. Carpet squares offer the district versatility and cost savings over time, as carpets can be taken up and replaced individually. - photo by Veronica Coons

Flooring installers at Great Bend Middle School are making headway on the project that will give a modern look to the hallways and classrooms of the school by the time enrollment begins on August 1.  Installation of carpeting squares in classrooms and the library is complete, and work is underway in offices.
“The carpet squares are an efficient and practical option,” said Assistant Superintendent Dan Brungardt.  “Even if one of the styles of squares is no longer produced in the future, there is enough versatility, we won’t be left without options.”  
Tile is being installed in hallways, and the band room.  The tile in the science rooms will remain, with a fresh buff and shine applied.  Tiles are black, red and white, in an apparent random pattern.  Previously, carpet entrance mats were placed at the entrances to catch dirt and water to cut down on cleaning in the hallways and classrooms.  The problem with the mats was they were easily bunched up, and were a slip and fall hazard.  
Wednesday morning, the USD 428 BOE met and approved a change order to install dense inset-carpet at entryways.  The carpet squares are a heavier duty black carpet designed to catch more debris and moisture than the traditional entrance mats.  Brungardt said this will create a safer and more attractive entryway.  
With only two weeks left before enrollment begins, Brungardt said the project should be complete on time.  
“By next week, all but the east hallway will be completed,” he said.