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Paving the future
Street construction planned across the city
new deh city improve main pic horiz.tif
Street improvement projects continue around Great Bend - photo by Dale Hogg

Plans call for the work that was seen near the Great Bend High School in recent weeks to just be the start of a new round of local street improvements, according to City Engineer Robert Winiecke.
With the help of a third of the city’s sales tax fund to cover the costs, and the expertise of the Great Bend Street Department, the city continues to accomplish a lot of residential improvements.
Of course, there are always more that need to be addressed, it seems, and Winiecke released his list of future projects that are in the planning phases now.
City Street Department performed projects that are planned include:
• Odell Street – 19th to 21st Streets
• 20th Street – Washington Avenue to Odell Street
• Intersection of Forest Avenue & Stone Street
• Intersection of Forest Avenue & Jackson Street
• Mail Box turnout along Broadway (near St. Rose Surgery Center & Dominican Sisters)
Other projects are being bid out and those will depend on how the bids come in, Winiecke explained. “Please keep in mind that favorable bid results may affect the limits in which we are able to accomplish everything on the list, but at this point in time, I do feel that the list below is achievable.”
Those projects include:
• Kansas Avenue repairs — 16th to 24th Streets
• 16th Street Terrace — Cherry Lane to Patton Road
• 25th Street — Morton to Williams
• 26th Street — Morton to Williams
• 27th Street — Morton to Williams
• 28th Street — Morton to Williams
• 30th Street — Morton to Williams
• Morphy Street — 16th to 19th
• 18th Street — Jackson to Monroe
• Adams Street — 17th to 18th
• Cheyenne Drive — Odell to Pawnee Road
• Jackson Street — Forest to Broadway Avenue
• Odell Street — 16th to 19th
• Pawnee Road — 21st Street to midblock between Cheyenne and Zarah drives
• Telestar Drive — Apollo Avenue to Whitesands Drive
• Van Buren Street — 12th to Lakin Avenue
• Walnut Drive — Odell to Pawnee Road
• Whitesands Drive — 17th Street Terrace to Telestar Drive