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October Marriage and Divorce filings
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Marriage licenses
Tyler Eugene Reeves, Wilson and Kayla Renee Stout, Hoisington
Dustin Eugene Thompson, Great Bend  and Angela Marie Schnoebelen, Great Bend
Ryan Charles Wegener, Liebenthal and Chandra Jean Devine, Liebenthal
Kyle Allen Kohn, Kinsley and Reba Beth Hickel, Kinsley
Chason Anton Lueth, Larned and Heather Cierra Jackson, Great Bend
Elias Ricardo Trejo, Ellinwood and Ashley Erline Howe, Ellinwood
Alan Jordan Bayer, Ellinwood and Ashley Anne Lucas, Ellinwood
Jacob Ronald Streit, Hoisington and Bailey Marie Barnard, Hoisington
Raymond Bruce Dolezal, Great Bend and Phyllis Kay Bateman, Tulsa, Okla.
Jacob Wesley Abel, Great Bend and Christine Ann Manry, Great Bend
Kurtis Wayne Schaub, Great Bend and Annetta Jo Mermis, Great Bend
Duke Lee Turner, Great Bend and Brittaney Nicole Bash, Great Bend
Francisco Ivan Pando-Baquera, Great Bend and Angela Lucia Martinez, Great Bend
Logan Thomas Burns, Great Bend and Traci Lurae Gosser, Great Bend
Matthew Todd Schafer, Ellinwood and Shawna Royanna Robl, Ellinwood
Henry Eugen Rowe, Heizer and Carol Rose Davis, Heizer
Garrett Tyson Rebel, Great Bend and Rebecca Lynn Murphy, Great Bend
Brian Michael Thompson, Hoisington and Vegan Rachelle Brown, Hoisington
Aaron Dean Gibble, Smith Center and Katie Ann Broce, Ellinwood
Derek Lee Vonada, Great Bend and Ashley Rae Moore, Great Bend
Anthony Dominc Bolger, Great Bend and Katie Mae Slates, Great Bend
Raymond Alan Becker, Hoisington and Margaret Denis Stuart, Hoisington
Lonnie Lee Schrag, McPherson and Theresa Marie Linenberger, Hays
Ryan Dean Applebee, Hoisington and Jenne Lyne Miller, Hoisington
Brett David Thornton, Bushton and Brandy Jo Steinert, Bushton
Tyler Blaine Turner, St. Joseph, Mo. and Ibon Rincon, Great Bend
Christopher Allen Pafford Marcum, Great Bend and Khrystyna Gonzalez, Great Bend
Candido Dario Zuniga, Kansas City and Maria Isabel Bustamante, Great Bend
Alan Frederick Adams, Great Bend and Kimberly Denae Martin, Great Bend
Michael Dee Felsburg, Great Bend and Lori Jane Sanders, Great Bend
Marcus Daniel Boger, Great Bend and Melinda Sue Miller, Great Bend

Divorce Filings
Audra Michelle Cross vs Joel Ray Cross
Jonathan Jones vs Chandra M. Jones
Raymond Eugene McNett II vs Stacy Lynn McNett
Byrl Neal Wear vs Shelley Rae Wear
Bridgett Schneiweis vs Kris Schneweis
Sandra Patricia Gonzalez vs Natanael Moreno
Darrell Mitchell vs Lois Michelle Mitchell