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Boiler trouble shuts down Jordaan Library
New books featured
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LARNED — Jordaan Memorial Library will be closed part of next week. The boiler is being replaced and the library has been without heat for the last week and a half. The building has gotten progressively colder.  The library will reopen when the boiler has been replaced.
Jordaan Library employees are sorry for the inconvenience.  Please bear with us. We are on the schedule for next week.
The adult book club will not meet on Tuesday if the boiler has not been replaced.
The Jordaan Library Book Club is scheduled to meet at 9 a.m. Tuesday in the Cummins Room.  Bring along the book you are currently reading and share with the group.  New books will be on display and ready for check out.  Come enjoy the conversation. You may discover a new author.
If you have questions about supplemental insurance for Medicare Plan D,  the Retired Senior Volunteer Program will be in the library Nov. 29. You can call the call the RSVP office 620-792-1614 to scheduled an appointment with Donna Baugh.
Jordaan Memorial Library will be closed Thanksgiving weekend. The library will close at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 23 and regular hours will resume at 10 a.m. Monday, Nov. 28.
The following are new books featured at the Jordaan Library.
‘The Inquisitor’
St. Paul’s Hospital is aware of a lethal threat. A new strain of severe acute respiratory syndrome is menacing the hospital.  Wrapped in spacesuit like garb the staff is searching for every possible source of the infection. Suddenly there’s a spike in the death rate in one ward and patients begin to complain of terrifying near death experiences.
When ER chief Dr. Earl Garnet gets blamed for the unexpected death of a patient he defies protocol and begins his own investigation, he soon suspects something more sinister than disease is killing patients.  A respected researcher is murdered and the executioner may be ready to strike again in “The Inquisitor,” by Peter Clement.
‘The Next Always’
The Boonsboro Hotel has endured through war, peace, multiple owners and rumors of being haunted but now it is undergoing a facelift. The Montgomery brothers and their eccentric mother are responsible for the hotel project.  Beckett, the architect, whose social life has consisted mostly of pizza, beer and discussing hotel has discovered a new project. 
Clare Brewster has returned to Boonsboro after losing her husband.  She and her three young sons settle into their new life. Beckett has had his eye on Clare since high school  and it seems she may return his interest in “The Next Always,” by  Nora Roberts.
‘Lost December’
Luke Crisp graduates from business school and his father expects him to take over  as CEO of the family’s fortune business, but Luke has other plans.  He takes control of his trust fund and sets out to enjoy a life of indulgence. His friends run out as soon as his money is gone and Luke is forced to secretly take a job in one of his father’s copy centers.  There he falls in love with a struggling single mother.  Luke begins to discover the greatest source of personal joy in “Lost December,” by Richard Paul Evans.
‘Zero Day’
John Puller, combat veteran  is the U.S. Army’ s best military investigator.  He is called out to a case in a remote, rural area of West Virginia coal country. He investigates the murder of a family.  The local homicide detective is a headstrong woman who joins Puller in the investigation. 
Puller soon discovers deception-after-deception and that nothing and no one is as it seems.  The investigators are facing a conspiracy that extends far beyond West Virginia in “Zero Day,” by David Baldacci.