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Candidates file for Pawnee County offices
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LARNED — Ruth Searight, Pawnee County Clerk and Election Officer, reports the following local candidates have filed for the primary election, scheduled for Aug. 7.
The deadline to file for local political offices at the Pawnee County Courthouse is noon June 1.
Candidates for the following offices will be nominated by each political party, Democratic and Republican, to be placed on the November General Election Ballot:
District Magistrate Judge, 24th District, Position 5 — Julie Fletcher Cowell, Republican, Incumbent.
Pawnee County Commissioner, 2nd District (all townships except Larned, Pleasant Grove and Pleasant Valley) — Donna Pelton, Republican, Incumbent.
County Commissioners, 3rd District (Larned City Wards 1 and 4, and Pleasant Grove and Pleasant Valley townships) — Kathy Bowman, Republican, Incumbent.
Pawnee County Attorney — John Settle, Republican, Incumbent.
Pawnee County Clerk — Ruth Searight, Republican, Incumbent.
Pawnee County Treasurer — Kathy Jadwin, Democrat, Incumbent.
Pawnee County Register of Deeds — Dolores Wren, Democrat.
Pawnee County Sheriff  — Scott King, Republican, Incumbent; Michael Knauf, Republican.
Township Trustee (only the following have filed)
Ash Valley — Tim Dryden, Democrat, Incumbent.
Brown’s Grove – Stanley Bryant, Republican, Incumbent
Conkling — Dallas Hiebert, Republican, Incumbent.
Garfield — Eldon E. Meckfessel, Democrat, Incumbent
Grant — Jerry Lee Knauf, Republican, Incumbent
Larned — Jerald Hadley, Republican, Incumbent.
Lincoln — Ronald Pfenninger, Republican, Incumbent.
Orange — Stanley Aldrich, Democrat, Incumbent.
Pleasant Grove — Sharla Woods, Republican, Incumbent.
Pleasant Ridge — Alan W. Converse, Republican, Incumbent.
Pleasant Valley — David Hammeke, Incumbent.
Santa Fe — Larry Skelton, Republican, Incumbent.
Shiley — Edgar Schadel, Republican, Incumbent.
Walnut — Jason Skelton, Democrat, Incumbent.

Township Treasurer (only the following have filed)    
Ash Valley — Margaret Ann Spreier, Democrat, Incumbent.
Conkling — Joe L. Colglazier, Democrat, Incumbent.
Garfield — Melvina Prescott, Republican, Incumbent.
Grant — Robert R. Hammeke, Republican, Incumbent.
Orange — Bob Cline, Republican, Incumbent.
Pleasant Ridge — Richard A. Meckfessel, Republican, Incumbent.
Pleasant Valley — Linda Parr, Republican.
River — Linda Slavik, Republican, Incumbent.
Santa Fe — Clint A. Barger, Republican, Incumbent.
Walnut —Kevin Fox, Democrat.

Committee men and women are elected at the primary
Democratic Committee Man (only the following have filed)
Ward 3 — Steven L. Lewis.
Ward 4 — Johnny W. Augmon.
Democratic Committee Woman – (only the following have filed)
Ward 1 — Billie J. Broils.
Ward 2 — Jacquelynn M. Schulze.
Ward 3 — Deborah Lewis.
Ward 4 — Ida R. Yeager.
Republican Committee Man (only the following have filed)
Ward 1 — Terry A. Harris.
Ward 2 — H.A. Smith.
Ward 3 — Keith W. Mull
Ward 4 — Kim Barnes.
Brown’s Grove Township — Stanley Bryant.
Garfield Township — Alan Bird.
Grant Township — Ben Zook.
Keysville Township — Ronald Price.
Larned Township — Charles M. Tabler.
Logan Township — Shane R. Guthrie.
Pleasant Grove — Harlie Carr.
Sawmill Township — Clyde W. Reece.
Valley Center Township – Teddy V. Gingrich.
Walnut Township — Bill Fleske.

Republican Committee Woman — (only the following have filed)
Ward 1 – Wyanette Harris.
Ward 2 — Ruth Kazmaier.
Ward 3 — Anne L. Graner.
Brown’s Grove Township — Susan Bryant.
Conkling Township — Cindy Colglazier.
Garfield Township — Rachel Bird.
Grant Township — Arlene A. Zook
Larned Township — Judith A. Tabler.
Lincoln Township — Deanna Carr.
Pawnee Township — Marsha Erway.
Pleasant Grove Township — Paula Carr.
River Township — Linda Slavik.
Sawmill Township — Barbara S. Reece.
Shiley Township — Karen M. Schadel.
River Township — Linda Slavik.
Valley Center Township — Carol A. Gingrich.
Walnut Township — Sandra J. Haun.
There were no other filings or declarations as of Thursday morning.
Deadline to file or withdraw for local candidates, not affected by re-districting, is noon, Friday, June 1.  For information on filing requirements, contact Searight.
State and federal offices affected by re-districting, now have until noon, June 10, to file. Since that is a Sunday, the deadline is noon, June 11 to file with the Secretary of State.