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Candlelight Tours will begin to take reservations Monday
Tours fill up fast
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LARNED — The always popular candlelight tours scheduled Oct. 12 at Fort Larned National Historic Site will begin accepting reservations at 8:30 a.m. Monday in person, or by calling (620) 285-6911.
The tours are free but reservations are required and each tour is limited to 20 people. The tour commemorates famous people who spent time at Fort Larned, or became famous after being at Fort Larned.  
“This annual program is the most popular event held at the Fort and the tours fill quickly,” said George Elmore, Fort Larned superintendent. “We have another good tour lined up. It will be a good time.”
The candlelight tour, “Civilian Support,” is scheduled Oct. 12 at the Fort Larned National Historic Site. The first tour begins at the visitor center at 7:30 p.m. and the last begins at 10:15 pm.
Fort Larned staff and volunteer re-enactors will highlight the manpower required to operate Fort Larned. Visitors will experience the 1860s and witness an evening much as it might have taken place at Fort Larned as an active frontier military post.  
The scenes, historically lit only by candle and lanterns, will reveal the relationship between the sutler and the rest of the post, including civilians who lived here.  Details of the scenes are gleaned from the actual post records, letters and diaries.  
Fort Larned is six miles west of Larned on K-156. Information is available at, or by calling 620-285-6911, or email to