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Central Kansas League softball
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Hillsboro                     16-0
Haven                         11-3
Pratt                            11-5
Lyons                          8-4
Kingman            10-8
Sterling                        9-7
Hoisington                  8-8
Larned                         7-9
Smoky Valley             5-9
Halstead                      5-11
Hesston                       2-14
Nickerson                    0-14

Thursday’s games
Larned 8-8, Smoky Valley 5-1

Friday’s games
Hesston 16-10, Nickerson 1-2
Hillsboro 4-7, Haven 2-6
Kingman 4-3, Hoisington 0-4
Pratt 7-11, Lyons 4-2
Sterling 5-7, Halstead 1-6

HILLSBORO (16-0)—WW Smoky Valley; WW Hoisington; WW Pratt; WW Kingman; WW Larned; WW Sterling; WW Nickerson; WW Lyons; 5-12, at Hesston, Halstead

HAVEN (11-3)—WW Hoisington; WL Pratt; WW Larned; WW Hesston; WW Lyons; WW Kingman; LL Hillsboro; 5-5, at Halstead; 5-8, Smoky Valley; 5-12, at Nickerson, Sterling

PRATT (11-5)—WL Haven; WW Halstead; LL Hoisington; LL Hillsboro; WW Nickerson; WW Hesston; WW Smoky Valley; WW Lyons; 5-5, Sterling; 5-12, Kingman, Larned

LYONS (8-4)--WW Hesston; WW Sterling; WW Kingman; LL Haven; WW Halstead; LL Pratt;  5-4, at Hillsboro; 5-5, Larned; 5-8, at Nickerson; 5-12, Hoisington, Smoky Valley

STERLING (9-7)—WW Larned; LL Lyons; WW Hesston; LL Smoky Valley; WL Kingman; LL Hillsboro; WW Hoisington; WW Halstead; 5-5, at Pratt; 5-12, at Nickerson, Haven

KINGMAN (9-7)—WW Nickerson; WW Hesston; WW Smoky Valley; LL Lyons; LL Hillsboro; WL Sterling; LL Haven; WW Halstead; WL Hoisington; 5-12, at Pratt, Larned

HOISINGTON (8-8)—LL Haven; WL Halstead; LL Hillsboro; WW Pratt; WW Larned; WW Hesston; LL Sterling; WL Kingman; 5-5, at Nickerson; 5-12, at Lyons, Smoky Valley

LARNED (7-9)—LL Sterling; LL Haven; WL Halstead; LL Hoisington; LL Hillsboro; WW Nickerson; WW Hesston; WW Smoky Valley; 5-5, at Lyons; 5-12, at Pratt, Kingman

SMOKY VALLEY (5-9)—LL Hillsboro; WW Nickerson; LL Kingman; WW Sterling; WL Halstead; LL Pratt; LL Larned; 5-4, Hesston; 5-8, at Haven; 5-12, at Lyons, Hoisington

HALSTEAD (5-9)—WL Hoisington; LL Pratt; WL Larned; WW Nickerson; WL Smoky Valley; LL Lyons; 4-28, Kingman; LL Sterling; 5-5, Haven; 5-12, at Hesston, Hillsboro

HESSTON (2-14)--LL Lyons; LL Kingman; LL Sterling; LL Haven; LL Hoisington; LL Pratt; LL Larned; WW Nickerson; 5-4, at Smoky Valley; 5-12, Halstead, Hillsboro  

NICKERSON (0-14)--LL Kingman; LL Smoky Valley; LL Halstead; LL Pratt; LL Larned; LL Hillsboro; LL Hesston; 5-5, Hoisington; 5-8, Lyons; 5-12, Haven, Sterling