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City of Larned council minutes
Ordinances are approved
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LARNED — The city of Larned city council met June 20 in a special session. The following are approved minutes.
Mayor Robert C. Pivonka called the regular session to order with the following council members present: Kim Barnes, George Elmore, Barbara Hammond, Gary Rainbolt, Dennis Wilson, Dave Zecha and Harry Zielke. Charles Spina was absent.
City Manager Don Gaeddert, City Attorney Jerry Larson and Secretary Joan Basgall were present.
Visitors were Mike Gilmore and Charles Bartlett.
KLINK Grant Application:
Charles Bartlett presented the three different options for overlaying K-156 which include modified slurry seal, nova chip and mill and overlay. Gaeddert reviewed the option of splitting the project into two different grants.
Approval passed to use modified slurry seal and the project would be split into two grants.
Airport Construction Inspection
City staff had requested Olsson Associates to take another look at the construction inspection fee. The overall cost has been lowered by $18,000 and could be less with the not-to-exceed amount.
Gaeddert reported that the county commission has approved the construction inspection fee.
Approval passed to accept the construction inspection fees for a total of $171,400.
City manager salary
An ordinance setting the city manager salary for Lane Massey needs to be approved.
Ordinance No. 1531 — An ordinance fixing the compensation of the city manager of the city of Larned, Kansas, and amending section 2.12.030 of the Larned municipal code.
Ordinance No. 1531 was amended to $6,500 per month for the city manager salary, $78,000 annually.
Railroad permit
Gaeddert explained the railroad crossing permit which is needed for the construction of a water main that will be placed under the railroad tracks. The Kansas and Oklahoma Railroad Company is not charging the city the $1,500 for a permit and will accept the types and limits of the insurance coverage which the city already has.
As a good faith gesture, city staff will offer to have city crews mow the weeds along the tracks and clean the debris.
Ordinance No. 1532
The Building Trades Board is recommending the adoption of the 2009 Uniform Mechanical Code, 2009 Uniform Plumbing Code and the 2011 National Electric Code and maintain the exceptions to these codes.
Ordinance No. 1532 — An ordinance incorporating by reference the 2009 Uniform Plumbing Code, incorporating by refercence the 2009 Uniform Mechanical Code and 2011 National Electric Code.
Approval passed to adopt Ordinance No. 1532 with the corrected changes in the ordinance.
Water Ordinance
City staff submitted an adopted city Ordinance on the updated Water Conservation Plan to KDHE which they rejected. The city needs to adopt KDHE’s Water Drought/Emergency Ordinance in order to meet the requirements for the Revolving Loan Fund and Green Program.
Ordinance No. 1533 — An ordinance authorizing the declaration of one of three progressive stages of a water supply conservation and/or water supply shortage which shall conserve or curtail the use of water within the city of Larned; establishing three stages of water conservation measures for the city; a water watch; warning or emergency; establishing procedures and voluntary and mandatory conservation measures; authorizing the issuance of administrative regulations; and prescribing certain penalties.
Approval passed to adopt Ordinance No. 1533 for state code with the noted corrections.
Electric Interconnect
Gaeddert explained the Electric Interconnection Agreement with Midwest Energy. Changes made at the Pawnee Substation have increased the engineer’s cost, now estimated at $735,000.
Approval passed to accept the revised cost for the upgrade to the Interconnection Agreement.
City Manager
• KDHE — The city submitted eight properties for Ground Field Assessment. Two properties did not qualify and three properties did not have contamination.
• Airport — GPS approach for planes flying in and out of airport.
• Police Department Policy — The Domestic Use Policy has been updated and includes a definition of dating in the domestic violence policy and a method to determine who the defendant is in a violent situation.
• Foam insulation has been installed at the north line shed. Haynes Electric install lighting. It will be several weeks to get the equipment in and then they have 60 days to complete the work. The mechanical will go out to bid.
• Community Development Block Grant — several dirt streets will be paved, waiting on notice to proceed.
• The employee breakfast went well. New city manager Lane Massey attended the breakfast. Tony Perez was presented a watch for 31 years of service at the employee breakfast.
• The council agree to go to the Larned Housing Authority for reimbursement on the Hearth Stone Project.
• Doerr Vernon Park — rubber mulch is multi-colored and received at a good price. Freight charges were calculated six weeks before shipment for $2,500. With increase in gas prices, the actual freight cost was $6,200. The vendor will honor the freight charge but is asking if the city would consider helping out with some of the additional freight cost.
Approval passed to pay up to $2,000 additional cost toward the freight cost for the rubber mulch at the Splash Pad.
• Budget meetings will be held June 27-28. Finger foods will be provided.
• Barking dog complaint — the situation has resolved itself at this time.
• The city council thanked Gaeddert for his 18 years of service.