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City of Larned council minutes
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LARNED — The city of Larned city council met August 1 in a regular session. The following are approved minutes.
Mayor Robert C. Pivonka called the regular session to order with the following council members present: Kim Barnes, George Elmore, Gary Rainbolt, Dennis Wilson, Dave Zecha, Harry Zielke and  Charles Spina. Council member Barbara Hammond was absent.
City Manager Lane Massey, City Attorney Jerry Larson, and City Clerk Pam Corby were also present.
Visitors included Steven Lewis, Rita Kurtz, Frieda Smith, Mary Ann Zink, Ben Wilson, Jason Murray, Phil Martin, Kevin Holt, Mike Gilmore.
The council approved the following minutes July 5 Regular Session Council Meeting Minutes; July 18 Special Session Council Meeting Minutes.
Appropriation ordinance
Appropriation Ordinance No. 7 for $864,128 and transfers, more or less, was approved for payment.
Budget hearing
Mayor Robert Pivonka opened the public hearing for the 2012 city of Larned budget. The public hearing was closed.
The council approved mill levy of 63.976 for the 2012 budget.
Sale of fire equipment
Don Clapham, Larned fire chief, is requesting authority to sell the 1959 and 1929 fire trucks and old rescue van.
Council member Elmore suggested giving the 1929 to the Santa Fe Trail Center. The council voted to allow the disposal of the 1959 fire truck and gift the 1929 fire truck to the Santa Fe Trail Center if they would accept it.
City Manager Lane Massey will check with surrounding fire departments to see if they are interested in the 1959 Fire Truck.
Armory sale
Courtland Holman, Larned Chamber of Commerce director, informed the council the aviation business is holding off on the move to Larned.
Heartland Irrigation will not pursue the tax abatement and will honor the proposed 10-year lease/purchase option contract.
Pastor Webster with the Assembly of God Church informed the council that they have met the asking price to purchase the building.
The council voted to further the negotiations with Heartland Irrigation for the Armory Building.
The council would like the Assembly of God Church to keep their proposal on the table.
Airport grant application
Approval was passed for the Airport Improvement Program grant, and to authorize the Mayor and/or City Manager to sign the application.
KMGA membership
The membership fee for KMGA is $400 for June 2011-May 2012. The council voted to renew the annual membership.
Amend municipal code
The Building Trades Board represented by Michael Bartz is recommending the change so that PEX piping can be installed through the foundation or basement wall with protective sleeving. Frieda Smith, Larned building inspector, is not in favor of this action.
Kiwanis Club request
The rental fee was waived for the Schnack Youth Building on Sept. 22 to feed the bikers by the council.
Committee appointments
The Larned Junior city council committee appointments were approved for coordinators Alicia Carlton and Jim Simpson; member-at large, Judy Jennings; and teacher, Trish Prescott.
Council member Dennis Wilson was appointed to the Pawnee County Economic Development Commission.
Santa Fe Auto Club
Approval was passed for the Santa Fe Auto Club to hold their annual car Oct. 2 at Doerr-Vernon Park.
Other business
The Interconnect contract will be awarded Aug. 29.
After an executive session, the council voted for City Manager Lane Massey to negotiate with Hartland Irrigation for the sale of the Armory Building.