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City of Larned council minutes
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LARNED — The city of Larned city council met June 6 in a regular session. The following are approved minutes.
Mayor Robert C. Pivonka called the regular session to order with the following council members present: Kim Barnes, George Elmore, Barbara Hammond, Gary Rainbolt, Charles Spina, Dennis Wilson, Dave Zecha and Harry Zielke.
City Manager Don Gaeddert, City Attorney Jerry Larson, and City Clerk Pam Corby were present.
Visitors were Courtland Holman. Rita Kurtz and Lee Hockett.
City council minutes were approved for May 2, May 5, May 10, May 12, May 17, May 23 and may 27.
Appropriation Ordinance No. 5
Approval passed for appropriation’s Ordinance No. 5 in the amount of $638,168.97 and transfers, more or less, was approved for payment.
City Manager Don Gaeddert highlighted various expenditures.
Chamber Request
The Larned Chamber of Commerce submitted a request to operate a beer garden during the Pawnee County Fair July 16, 21, 22 and 23, at the southeast corner of the rodeo arena.
Approval passed to allow the Chamber’s request.
Chamber Request
A request was made by the Larned Area Chamber of Commerce to serve alcoholic beverages June 9 at the Larned Community Center.
The request was approved.
Inflatables Request
A request was made by First Southern Baptist Church to set up inflatables in Schnack Park for Vacation Bible School July 10-13 on the north end of the duck pond.
The request was approved by the council.
Utility Assistance Fund
A request was made for funding by the Pawnee County Ministerial Association for the utility assistance fund.
Jason Toll with the Pawnee County Ministerial Alliance said the last contribution was 18 months ago.
Approval passed to allocate $5,000 to the utility assistance fund. The motion was amended to add for every $1 raised by the Ministerial Association, the City will match it up to $3,000 in addition to the $5,000 payment.
Water Conservation Plan
Approval passed for Ordinance No. 1528 an ordinance incorporating by reference the municipal water conservation plan for the city of Larned.
Cemetery Regulation
Approval passed to amend Ordinance No. 1529 for cemetery regulations regarding grave decorations and burial of cremations.
Fireworks Ordinance
Approval passed to amend Ordinance No. 1530 for the sale of fireworks regarding pre-sales and advanced orders.
National Guard Armory
City staff received an inquiry about the vacant National Guard Armory building and the party would like to visit the Armory building. Courtland Holman with Pawnee County Economic Development Corporation has been in contact with the owner to explore options.
Santa Fe Trail Bike Committee
A request was made by the Santa Fe Trail Bike Committee to camp and use the bath house facilities at Schnack Park in September.
The request was approved.
Flashing Signs
Council member Kim Barnes requested a text amendment for flashing signs in the zoning laws.
The city’s planning commission will recommend changes for flashing signs for businesses and bring back to the city council.
City Manager
City Manager Don Gaeddert reported the late penalty fee is increasing revenues, but has not significantly reduced the number of late payments.
Budget workshops will be July 27-28.
Gaeddert expressed his thanks to the city crews who worked hard on the Doerr-Vernon Park Splash Pad project. The credit goes to the Pride Committee and Angie Murray. A Great Bend crew came over to clean the sewer line blockage.
The Pawnee Trails project had been submitted for a FHWA grant but was asked by KDOT if it was possible to have the construction under contract by September 30. Gaeddert reported the city was not close enough to do this.
The meeting was adjourned.