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Commission approves lease-purchase
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LARNED — The Pawnee County Commission met June 10 at the Pawnee County Courthouse. The following are approved minutes submitted by Pawnee Commission clerk Ruth Searight.
9 a.m. — Pawnee County commissioners Donna Pelton, Kathy Bowman and John C. Haas were present.
• Commissioners sorted through mail.
• Commissioners signed change order No. 2012-85.
• Commissioners approved and signed checks for payables.
10 a.m. — Kurt Demel, County Highway Administrator, and Pete Schartz, First State Bank presented and discussed the lease/purchase contract for the new loader.
Lease-ourchase agreement calls for three year payout at 2.15 percent interest. Commissioners signed lease/purchase agreements/contracts for the new loader.
Demel gave updates on activities and plans.
• Commissioners read and approved minutes of June 3.
11 a.m. — Mary Beth Herrmann, Pawnee County health administrator, gave an update on a possible R.N. for the Pawnee Heights USD 496 school nurse.
1:30 p.m. — Leon Sanders, Camp Pawnee caretaker, discussed the hay to be baled. Haas will take care of it.
Commissioners discussed the cost of a new roof for the lodge. Sanders gave other updates at Camp Pawnee.
2 p.m. — Mark Hinde, SDSI, Inc., presented the 2014 budget and appropriation request.
Hinde discussed the not for profit and for profit providers, and it all comes down to philosophy regarding inclusions. All but three are for profit.
• Commissioners via telephone, visited with John Hallock regarding setting up a firemen’s fund.
• Commissioners via telephone, Haas visited with Heartland Girl Scouts, in Wichita, regarding abandoned Girl Scout property at Camp Pawnee. They will contact area representatives to see if they have any interest in the items. If not, they will send a letter to allow the commissioners to dispose of the items.
3:05 p.m. — Mary Beth Herrmann, Pawnee County health administrator, discussed the need for uninterrupted service from the refrigerators. The cost of the electric backup would be $400 to $500.  Commissioners approved the request, to be paid from health 6 mills fund.
• Searight Presented and discussed the need for a new printer in her office.  The quote with memory, would be $6,318, from A Thomas Reuters. Commissioners approved and to be paid from general fund.
• Commissioners discussed the Rural Opportunity Zone report.
3:30 p.m. — Kathy Jadwin, Pawnee County treasurer. Commissioners signed her April quarterly report.
• Commissioners discussed holding coffee hours this summer, after July 20th, in the third class city’s. Will discuss more next week.
• Commissioners requested the county clerk send a memo to the entities that request a budget or appropriation for 2014.
3:35 p.m. — The meeting was adjourned until Monday, June 17 at 9 a.m.