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Country Club Bank approved as bond company
Pawnee County commission
paw jm pawnee hospital
Image by HEALTH FACILITIES GROUP The new Pawnee Valley Community Hospital is featured in a rendering by the Health Facilities Group, Wichita. The bonding company hired by the Pawnee commissioners is Country Club Bank.

LARNED – The Pawnee County Commission met July 25 in regular session. The following are approved minutes supplied by Ruth Searight, Pawnee County clerk.
9 a.m. – Commissioners Kathy Bowman and John Haas were present. Donna Pelton was absent absent.
Kathy Bowman, Chair, signed as the ECHO-Web User Access.
John Settle, county attorney, and Dick King, Tim George and Tom Giessel, PBC Commission. Via telephone, Donna Pelton, commissioner.
The bonding companies were discussed.
Settle presented a proposed letter for Kim Barnes to take
to the Kansas re-districting meeting at Hutchinson.  Commissioners approved and Bowman signed.
Commissioners discussed the bond fee counsel.
Commissioners discussed Senator Allen Schmidt’s information on the Larned State Hospital.
9:50 a.m.  -- Mary Beth Herrmann, Pawnee County health administrator, discussed a generator, and the electrical need. Commissioners approved $550 from a grant.
After discussion, Commissioners approved her department using the electronic payroll cards.
Herrmann presented and discussed the proposed 2012 budget.
10:05 a.m. -- Denise Wood, Community Corrections/Juvenile Justice Authority director, discussed the adult end-of-year
She discussed the JJA end-of-year report.
11 a.m. -- Kurt Demel, Pawnee County highway administrator, gave updates on roads and other activities in departments.
Commissioners read and approved minutes of July 18. They read and approved minutes of special meeting July 20.
11:30 a.m. -- Leon Sanders, Camp Pawnee caretaker, said the screen door needs to be replaced.
Sanders informed the commissioners that the Fort Larned Good Sams will pick up all costs, and purchase some ceiling fans and install them.
He discussed other needs at the camp. He discussed the water at the camp and he will have it retested.
11:50 a.m. -- Chris Haberman, Coca-Cola, discussed installing a Coke dispenser in the courthouse.  Commissioners approved installing a Coca-Cole dispenser on the second floor with $1.25 bottles, eight selections.
1:30 p.m. – Kim Barnes, Rita Kurtz, Pawnee County Economic Development. Settle, discussed the re-districting meeting and the letter the commissioners approved. Barnes and Rita Kurtz were designated as Pawnee County’s official delegates to the re-districting meeting July 26 in Hutchinson.
Commissioners discussed Senator Allen Schmidt’s meeting, and the commissioners would like to meet with SRS Secretary Siedlecki when he tours the Larned State Hospital facilities.
Settle discussed the CMR contract. He discussed the CMS issue. He discussed choosing a bond issuer.
Jennie Manry, Larned Pride committee, discussed a number of grants that are available. Commissioners approved applying for another grant, and Bowman will be available to signed later this week, when it is ready.
2:44 p.m. -- Country Club Bank was approved as the bond issuer for the new Pawnee Valley Community Hospital.
Commissioners extended the county-wide burn ban for seven days.
Commissioners discussed the availability of the 2010 audit.
3:35 p.m. – Settle discussed a conference call Settle had  regarding the costs of issuance.
Via telephone, visited with Senator Allen Schmidt regarding the Larned State Hospital facilities.
Via telephone visited with Mark Bauer, VonFeldt, Bauer and VonFeldt, regarding the 2010 audit.
Commissioners went through mail.
4:30 p.m. – The meeting was adjourned. The next meeting was scheduled August 1.