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County discusses offender registration
Officials to meet with attorney general
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LARNED — The Pawnee County Commission met at 9 a.m. Aug. 31 for a regular meeting. Pawnee County commissioners Kathy Bowman; Donna Pelton, chair; and Gary Caplinger, were present. The following are approved minutes submitted by Pawnee County clerk Ruth Searight.
Searight gave the commissioners the following for their review/approval — payables; draft minutes August 24, 2015; 2016 proposed 2016 Budget and Capital Improvement Plan; updated wages; Farm & Home Publisher’s Plat Books; information on a Rx Plan; Sales tax and Comp distributions for July, 2015.
• Robin Rziha, Pawnee County health administrator, presented and discussed a grant. After discussion, commissioners approved the application.
• Commissioners approved and signed checks for payables.
10 a.m.—Public hearing on proposed 2016 Pawnee County budget. After a comment and question, approval was passed to adopt the 2016 budget as published, and the capital improvement plan. Commissioners signed the budget, and other certifications for individual budgets and appropriations.
• John Settle, Pawnee County attorney; Scott King, Pawnee County sheriff; Derek Slack, Pawnee County undersheriff; Barbara Hammond, Larned council member; Terry Clark, Larned council member; Kim Barnes, Larned council member; Rita Kurtz; State Rep. John Ewy, and State Senator Mitch Holmes; Steve Kearney, Kearney and Associates, arrived at 11 a.m.
They presented and discussed the Sexual Predator Treatment Program and transitioning the predators to be released from the program.
There is a difference of opinion between Pawnee County sheriff, Scott King and KDAD’s, as to whether or not the sheriff is mandated to register the offenders. KDAD’s and the Larned State Hospital need him to register them, so they can get a Kansas ID Card, and start the transitioning to be released from the program.
Earlier this year Larned State Administration stated the sheriff did not need to register the offenders, as they were incarcerated in a specialty hospital.
Now, they are stating that he is to register them.
KSADS has requested an attorney general’s opinion.
Settle, King, and Kearney are to meet with Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt, regarding that request, as there is an apparent conflict with K.S.A. 65-425. King said there is a list to go thru to register offenders K.S.A. 22-4904.
Hammond brought up a question regarding HIPPA, and if it would be a concern. Settle thought HIPPA would be the Larned State Hospital’s concern.
Settle said for Pawnee County this is a safety issue, and a financial burden.
Kearney felt this was a statewide issue, and needs to be dealt with by the Legislature.
However, in the letter Settle received from the assistant attorney general, regarding the AGO request, Settle needs to have his letter to them ASAP. Settle stated he would respond after they talk to the Attorney General Derek Schmidt this Wednesday.
Senator Holmes thought maybe with Rep. Ewy, they could get additional sponsor’s for some legislation to exempt Sheriff King from registering the offenders in the SPTP. They will try to get some model language together to move on this.
1:30 p.m.—Commissioners read, corrected and approved minutes of Aug. 24, 2015.
• Commissioners voted to not meet Monday, Sept. 7 — the Labor Day holiday.
• Commissioners approved a special meeting at 9 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 8 to approve and sign payroll and payables checks, and attend to any other business as presented.
2 p.m.–Settle; John Hughes, Pawnee Valley Community Hospital administrator and via telephone, Shae Veach, senior vice-president, HaysMed, and George Harms, HaysMed CFO.
Hughes gave the following updates — started wound care clinic last Friday, and will have it one time per month; will start the pain injection clinic on Sept. 16; and the walk-in Rural Health Clinic, needs two mid-levels.
It will be mid-September before they will get started on parking lot.
Informed them the manufacturer of the boiler said there was nothing wrong with it, and CMW will reinstall.
Under capital items, informed commissioners they need furniture for the clinic, with an estimate of $15,000, with a few dollars for contingency.
Hughes said cash flow and income are up for July. Overall, a good July. In August, the physician’s clinic was up.
Auditors have visited and indicated nothing of note.
Hughes stated it was a good start for the 2015-2016 fiscal year.
2:25 p.m.—Hughes discussed the Pawnee Valley Community Hospital Foundation team. He said the 340B is on target for an October start.
• Commissioners, via telephone, visited with Kurt Demel, Pawnee County highway administrator.
2:40 p.m.–Settle, requested an executive session, attorney/client privilege, 30 minutes.
3 p.m.–Commissioners discussed miscellaneous county business.
• Commissioners approved continuation of the Kearney & Associates contract.
3:30 p.m.–The meeting was adjourned. The next meeting was scheduled at 9 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 8.