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Ethan Haas writes winning essay
ethan haas
Ethan Haas

By Ethan Haas

The Santa Fe Trail was an important trail for many people. lt was used for trading.
The trail went through the states of Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma and New Mexico. They traveled in wagons.
The things I found for my box are two coins, an old reading book, and a coyote skull.
All of these things you could have had on the Santa Fe Trail.
The two coins I found are really interesting. One is a two cent piece, and the other one is a three cent piece. The dates on them are 1855 and 1866.
If you were traveling on the Santa Fe Trail, you would have used them to buy things. They would have been very important.
I chose the book because you would have had it if you went to school back then. It is a reading book from 1884. My mom got it at a book sale when she was a teacher. Now it is in my room. lt is very different than our reading books today. You might have had it on the Santa Fe Trail.
My dad found the coyote skull at the farm when he was checking cattle. If you traveled on the Santa Fe Trail, you might have hunted them.
The Indians did. They used its skin. The coyote hunted too. lt would catch little animals. If you traveled on the Santa Fe Trail, you would probably have seen the a lot of coyotes.
Do you like the Santa Fe Trail?
I do.
There is a lot of history to learn about it.
Near Larned there is a museum called the Santa Fe Trail Center. lt has many cool exhibits and buildings. I have learned a lot from it.
Many people traveled on the Santa Fe Trail to trade goods, and they probably used the things I found.
This project has been fun.