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Flying turkey smashes Larned mans vehicle
Reno County accident
paw jm turkey wreck
Courtesy Photo Reno County sheriff David Millers 2012 Ford SUV sustained windshield damage from a flying turkey which flew into the vehicle Monday morning in Reno County.

By Jim Misunas

RENO COUNTY — Two Larned citizens escaped serious injury Monday morning when an airborne turkey smashed through their windshield before landing in their vehicle.
Reno County Sheriff’s Captain Capt. Wayne Baughman reports David Miller, 65, at the accident scene for minor cuts and glass in his eyes. Dena Miller, 56, was not injured.
Baughman said David Miller was driving a 2012 Ford SUV eastbound on U.S. 50, when a turkey flew through his windshield at 8:55 a.m. The turkey landed  in the driver’s lap before finally coming to rest in the passenger’s lap. Both occupants were wearing their seat belts.
Wild turkeys usually fly close to the ground for no more than a quarter mile. Turkeys are capable of flying at a maximum speed of 60 mph.
Baughman said Reno County deputies, Reno County EMS, and Reno County District 4 firefighters responded to U.S. 50 and Salem Road for the injury accident.