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Haas will oppose Caplinger in Nov. 4 general election
Pawnee County election
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By Jim Misunas

LARNED — Pawnee County Commissioner John Haas will oppose Gary Caplinger in the Nov. 4 general election. Both candidates ran unopposed in Tuesday’s primary election.
Haas garnered 292 votes in the Republican-dominated Pawnee County. Caplinger received 74 votes.
Dennis Wilson won the Republican Precinct Committman for Ward 3 with 135 votes. His wife, Joan Wilson, won the Republican Precinct Committewoman for Ward 3 with 85 votes, beating incumbent Anne Graner with 68 votes.
Pawnee County reported 1,001 voters, a 25 percent turnout of registered voters.
Perhaps the biggest surprise was State Board of Education candidate Meg Wilson of Great Bend lost to Liberal’s Sally Cauble. Wilson beat Cauble 509 to 252 in Pawnee County and won 67 percent of the votes.
But Cauble received 15,533 votes to Wilson’s 12,768 to earn a seat for the 5th District. Wilson is the principal at Hoisington High School.
Rep. Tim Huelskamp fought off challenger Alan LaPolice for U.S. Representative in the First District.  He will oppose former Manhattan Mayor James Sherow in the Nov. 4 general election.
“I am humbled by the strong support of the Big First citizens,” Huelskamp said. “I have been fighting for our common-sense Kansas values in Washington. Last night, Kansans fought back for me. In the last month, a out-of-state Super-PAC spent more than $250,000 trying to smear my reputation with lies and deceptive and bitter advertising. It did not work. Kansans came to my defense. They clearly support my conservative principles.”

Republican Primary

U.S. Senate    Pawnee Co.    Total
Pat Roberts    446    125,306
Milton Wolf    274    106,128
D.J. Smith    23      15,057
Alvin Zahnter    67      13,935

Governor    PC    Total
Sam Brownback    473    164,319
Jennifer Winn    330      95,343

State Board 5th    PC    Total
Sally Cauble    252    15,533
Meg Wilson    509    12,768
U.S. Rep. 1st    PC    Total
Tim Huelskamp    444    42,166
Alan LaPolice    316    34,671

U.S. Rep. 4th    PC    Total    
Mike Pompeo    34    42,754
Todd Tiahrt    16    25,432

House Rep. 117th    PC    Total
John Ewy    679    2,775
M.T. Liggett    86    398

Sec. of State    PC    Total
Kris Kobach    541    164,396
Scott Morgan    248      89,320

Insurance Comm.    PC    Total
Ken Selzer    194    64,073
Beverly Gossage    131    54,578
Clark Schultz    182    53,900
David Powell    230    39,638
John Toplikar    23    24,455

Pawnee Commission
John Haas    292

Attorney General    
Derek Schmidt    701

State Treasurer
Ron Estes    697

House Rep. 113th
Basil Dannebohm    21

Judge 24th District
Bruce Gatterman    742

Democratic Primary

U.S. Senate 1st    Pawnee Co.    Total
Chad Taylor    89    34,390
Patrick Wiesner    66    30,557

U.S. Rep. 1st    PC    Total
James Sherow    86    8,077
Bryan Whitney    67    4,214

Paul Davis    170

Sec. of State
Jean Schodorf    159

U.S. Rep. 4th
Perry Schuckman    5

Insurance Comm.
Dennis Anderson    149

Pawnee Commission
Gary Caplinger    74

Attorney General
A.J. Kotich    153

State Treasurer
Carmen Adldritt    151