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Johnsons appreciate customer support
paw jm trash service
Grandson Jax Johnson, 3, enjoys spending time with his grandfather Bud Johnson.

By Jim Misunas

LARNED —  Bud and Brenda (Atteberry) Johnson, co-owners of Pawnee Sanitation discovered their goal of providing customers quality service was rewarded with support at Monday’s Larned city council meeting.   
Bud and Brenda Johnson promoted Monday’s meeting by alerting customers to the city council agenda, which featured a discussion on sanitation. They wanted citizens to be well informed what was going on.
Pawnee Sanitation customers convinced the city council to vote to allow Pawnee Sanitation to continue to compete for city-operated trash services in Larned and Pawnee County.
Pawnee Sanitation serves customers in Pawnee County and won bids for trash services for Fort Larned USD 495, the Larned State Hospital and the Larned Juvenile Correctional Facility.
“Everyone spoke nicely highly of Bud’s service,” Brenda said. “I know patrons have been so kind over the years. We’ve had times when people have called with concern about Bud because he wasn’t on schedule. He goes the extra mile.”
The Johnson appreciated the support.
“Bud was grateful for everything he heard,” Brenda said. “I was tearing up because people were so nice. We received a lot of phone calls from customers.”
The Larned city council considered measures that could’ve jeopardized the ability for Pawnee Sanitation to stay in business before a interested standing room audience Monday night.
The council, by unanimous vote, agreed to continue services as they currently are for the same cost to residents for the time being.
“We’re very thankful for the support we received and thankful for the job the city council did,” Brenda said. “It was a wonderful evening. It was very peaceful evening and everyone was allowed to speak their mind. The people had good points.”
The council considered three options to address trash management services, none of which were acceptable to those in attendance, except to allow “Free Enterprise” to rule, allowing Bud and Brenda Johnson to continue to serve their many clients as they have for many years.
The Johnsons were not sure what would’ve happened had few people attended the meeting.
“We don’t know what would’ve happened because you never know,” Brenda said. “We feel people should have a choice of services and be informed.”
Brenda Johnson said she was impressed with the Larned city council, which was respectful and polite to everyone who attended.
“The council did not have anything to hide and people should know what’s going on,” she said. “
Pawnee Sanitation covers a 250-mile radius, including the city of Garfield. The company sells used and refurbished poly carts to customers.