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Jordaan Library features 4-H work
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LARNED — Jordaan Memorial Library has a display of 4-H reading and project posters on display for three weeks. Come in and enjoy the prize winning posters.
Interested in Kansas History? 
Melvin Bruntzel, who grew up in Pawnee County, spent the last several years compiling a history of Kansas counties. He donated the three volume set to Jordaan Memorial Library. Quick Reference to Kansas: Lost and Found — Missing Towns and Places with selected trivia and truths will be available for library use only. The books will not check out. Come in and find out about the townships, towns (some of which no longer exist), origins of the names and a short history of any county in the state.
Kindred Spirits
The Ladies Society for the Conservation of Martinis was established by four women after one fateful PTA meeting. Meeting once a month they discovered they had more in common than they ever dreamed.  Lynne, Mary Kay, Beth and Carol shared laughs and secrets to the clink of  their martini glasses.
When life shattering circumstances force the group to disband their friendship is never quite the same until a tragic event brings the Society back together in “Kindred Spirits,” by Sarah Strohmeyer.
Girl in the Blue Beret
Marshall Stone was a 23-year-old U.S. flyboy with nine successful bombing missions when enemy fighters forced his B-17 to crash land in Belgium near the French border.
To escape German soldiers he fled into the woods.  Decades later he returns to the crash site and memories come rushing back. Marshall was saved by courageous citizens, who as part of the Resistance moved downed Allied airman back to their bases in England.
Marshall shared a close bond with several of the Resistance members who risked their lives for him.  However,  after the war he never looked back. Now he is determined to find them to renew ties and thank them. He is particularly interested in finding the teenage girl who led him through Paris in “The Girl in the Blue Beret,” by Bobbie Ann Mason.
Beneath the Texas Sky
Bethanie Lane is desperate to escape from her uncle’s grasp so she jumps at the chance to leave San Antonio with Texas Ranger Josh Weston. On the journey to his family’s ranch near Fort Worth they form a powerful, unexpected bond. However, Bethanie’s dream of a future with Josh falls apart. She is forced to make a harrowing choice in “Beneath the Texas Sky,” by Jodie Thomas.