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Jordaan Library June Book Club
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LARNED — Ready to take an imaginary trip in your arm chair? Children were invited to the Jordaan Memorial Library’s June Book Club on Tuesday. The theme was “Books Take You Places.” Fiction and nonfiction books were featured.
There are numerous books available on countries around the world.  For those interested in areas closer to home, books about USA destinations are at the library as well.  Then you can read a good novel that takes you just about any place you wish, even outer space.
The Rotating Book Van came to Jordaan Library last week.  Central Kansas Library has purchased a new book van after 20 years. It’s a vast improvement over the old one. New westerns, mysteries, romance, general fiction and nonfiction books are part of the new collection. A variety of children’s and young adult books were also selected.  All the books are ready to be checked out. The books will be in Jordaan Library for two months.
New books
The Iron Wagon
At 21, Paul Brockman is the newest deputy for his father U.S. Marshal John “The Stranger” Brockman.  Bold, courageous and skillful with a revolver he’s the perfect choice to transport five escaped outlaws back to Yuma Prison in an iron wagon. He finds Lisa Martin whose parents have been murdered by renegade Indians and is in desperate need of help. The wagon comes under Apache attack and Paul discovers it takes more than physical strength to keep everyone alive in “The Iron Wagon,” by Al and JoAnna Lacy.
Mercy Creek
Sixteen-year-old Isaac lands a job at Chum’s Hardware which only adds to the problems he’s already dealing with.  His mother died last and his father is flirting with a new romance.  Isaac has girlfriend problems. The homes of Rooksvill’s leading citizens are being flooded and the vandals leave a signature of painted flames on the walls. A group of self-righteous vigilantes gather at Chum’s to offer a reward for the conviction of whoever is guilty. They have their eyes on Isaac.  Small towns where everyone knows everyone else’s business can also hide the most vicious secrets in “Mercy Creek,” by Matt Matthews.
Come and Find Me
Reformed hacker Diana Highsmith has not ventured from her home in the year since Daniel fell to his death during a climbing vacation in Switzerland.
She and Daniel’s best friend conduct an Internet security company.  From her home, Diana can assess security breaches, both potential and real offering clients a way to protect themselves from hackers.  When her sister goes missing, Diana is forced to leave her home and face her personal demons.  In her search, Diana discovers a web of deceit and betrayal on the Internet and in real life. Danger threatens both Diana and her sister in “Come and Find Me,” by Hallie Ephron.
The Rogue
Liam Mulligan is an old school journalist. He knows every street, alley, politician and mobster in Providence, Rhode Island.  Mulligan realizes someone is systematically burning down his childhood neighborhood killing people he knows and loves. Ignoring his bosses and jeopardizing a new relationship, he’s determined to discover the identity of the firebug. The whole city of Providence is on his back in “The Rogue,” by Bruce Desilva.