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Larned antique dealer prepares for annual show
Antique show is Feb. 17-19
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Photo by Jim Misunas Great Bend Tribune Kristin Keith will display a variety of her items that are showcased at 513 Broadway at Antiques and Artifacts in downtown Larned.

By Jim Misunas

LARNED — Kristin Keith said there is nothing predictable about the antique business. One of her favorite times of the year occurs next weekend when Larned’s 42nd Antique, Toys and Collectibles show is held Feb. 17-19 at the Larned Community Center.
“What people are buying changes all the time,” Keith said. “What I enjoy the most is when people fall in love with an item and they want to put in their house.”
Antiques and Artifacts 513 Broadway, displays a variety of antique goods that range the gamut of collectibles. The downtown store is owned by antique dealer Dody Burke. Keith also displays her items for sale at the store.
Keith remembers buying items from an antique store called Nannie La Rose in Larned. She would buy a piece of jewelry or a vintage clothing item to go with an outfit.
“I shopped there when I was a teenager and would buy some items that I liked,” she said. “It’s a fun hobby that I enjoy.”
As the years went along, Keith began “inheriting,” items from family members along with collectibles from her husband’s family. She started with furniture, glassware and photos. She will also display pottery and other vintage collectibles.
“You really want to display a variety of items to give people something to see no matter what there interest is,” she said. “When you see all the items, someone will display items you are looking for. You want to make it worthwhile for people visiting. The more sellers you have, the better a show will be.”
Local vendors will join sellers from Oklahoma and Colorado for the three-day event. Keith said she likes to display items that she would use in her own home. She tries to price items at a reasonable price to keep items moving off the shelf. If a buyer is interested in her display, she will direct them to the store downtown for similar items.
“February is one of our biggest sales of the year because of the show,” she said. “You like to keep items moving so you can put new items on display.”