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Larned High conducts awards assembly
Scholarships announced
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Joelle Keith

LARNED — Larned High School seniors were recognized for scholarships they have accepted and top students in various subject areas were honored during a ceremony Thursday at the Larned Middle School Gymnasium.
Earning the Kansas State High School Activities Association award for citizenship were Ben Wolf and Liberty Turner.
Student Spotlight of the Year winners were Sara Liston, academics; Jeret Johnson, athletics; Michael Wysong, fine arts; and Cesar Ivan Garcia II, community service.
U.S. Army Reserve Outstanding Student Athletes were Brittanie Miller and Tyler Gleason.   
• American Legion Riders — Kjersti Olsen
• Black Heritage Club — Brittney Perez
• Rescue Chapel CME Church — Chelsa Harper
• First United Methodist Church — Amy Hiebert, Katey Vratil, Karlee Rainbolt
• Fort Larned Lions Club Memorial — Cesar Ivan Garcia II, Bailey Kile
• Golden Belt Community Foundation — Tyler Gleason
• Great Bend Masonic Lodge No. 15 — Amy Hiebert
• Junior Rotarian Program — Brittanie Miller, Amy Hiebert, Zachary Burkhead, Roelf Pier, Michael Orth, Nicole Gabel, Joelle Keith, Cesar Ivan Garcia II, Christine Orr, Jeret Johnson, Maris Delgadillo, Jahman Hill
• Kiwanis Club of Larned — Kylie Perez, Ivan Cesar Garcia II
• Laureate Beta Nu Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi Emma — Emma Milhon  
• Pawnee County 4-H Awards — Karlee Rainbolt, Kyle Grant
• Pawnee County Farm Bureau — Karlee Rainbolt
• Pawnee County KU Alumni — Brittney Perez, Katey Vratil, Raven Roth       
• PEO Scholarships — Alex Brown, Joelle Keith
• Pheasants Forever Scholarship —  Joelle Keith  
• Barton  Community College — Amy Hiebert, Academic Scholarship; Kaileigh Dietrich, Softball Scholarship; Katrina Holman, Academic Scholarship; Emma Milhon; BCCC Scholarship; Brittanie Miller, Academic Scholarship, Women’s Basketball Scholarship; Kindra Perez, Barton Community College Scholarship; Jed Salvador, Academic Scholarship; Liberty Turner, Academic Scholarship
• Emporia State University — Marla Bethke, Freshman Hornet Scholarship; Albert E. and Buelah H. Woodruff Scholarship
• Fort Hays State University — Kala Coulson, Academic Opportunity Award in Modern Languages; Cesar Ivan Garcia II, Academic Opportunity Award; Kjersti Olsen, Miller Black and Gold Award, Academic Opportunity Award in Psychology
• Hutchinson Community College — Amanda Haberman, Track Scholarship; Shanna Prescott, Track, Cross Country Scholarships
• Kansas State University — Conner Blosser ROTC; Karlee Rainbolt, KSU First in Class; KSU Activities Scholarship
• North Central Kansas Technical College — Kara Amon, Departmental Scholarship
• Oklahoma Christian University — Ben Wolf, ACT Scholarship
• Pratt Community College — Joelle Keith,  PCC Drama/Vocal Music Scholarship
• University of Mississippi  — Berre Bert, Academic Scholarship
• University of Nebraska at Lincoln  — Justin Van Vleet, Midwest Student Exchange Program  Scholarship
• York College — Faith Underwood, Heritage Scholarship, Leadership Scholarship, Volleyball Athletic Scholarship
• Loren Albert Memorial Scholarship — Kjersti Olsen
• Ralph Baird Family Scholarship — Kara Amon
• Effie I. Bank, Roy Banks Memorial Scholarship — Amy Hiebert  
• Jeffrey Alan Bland Memorial Scholarship — Kjersti Olsen
• Tami Borck Memorial Scholarship — Karlee Rainbolt
• Phil Busenbark II Memorial Scholarship — Brittney Perez
• The Cliff and Nina Fell Scholarships — Kara Amon, Liberty Turner  
• Don W. Foster Scholarships — Joelle Keith, Kylie Perez, Brittney Perez
• Brad Frazier Memorial Scholarship — Kara Amon
• Aaron Gathman Memorial Award — Joelle Keith
• Second Mile Award — Jeret Johnson          
• Don Gleason Memorial Golf Scholarship — Justin Van Vleet
• Jim Hammond Memorial Scholarship — Joelle Keith
• The Dr. John D. Jordaan Scholarships —  Cesar Ivan Garcia II, Tyler Gleason, Shanna Prescott, Karlee Rainbolt; Alternates — Joelle Keith, Brittney Perez, Kala Coulson, Liberty Turner, Brittanie Miller
• Celeste Kristufek Award — Brittanie Miller
• Carol Quimby Memorial Scholarship — Kindra Perez
• Stevie Quimby Memorial Scholarship — Joshua Wise
• Law Office of Helvie & Cowell — Kjersti Olsen       
• Bob and Rosalee Roth Family Scholarship —  Brittney Perez, Katey Vratil
• Innovative Livestock Services Scholarship — Joelle Keith, Emma Milhon, Justin Vratil
• Miss Fort Larned Scholarship — Meredith Rogers; runner-up, Katie Higginbotham
• American Legion Citizenship Award Winners — Cesar Ivan Garcia II, Joelle Keith; Alternates, Tyler Gleason, Karlee Rainbolt
• U.S. Army Reserve Outstanding Student Athlete — Brittanie Miller, Tyler Gleason  
• University of Rochester Awards — Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award — Danette Unruh; George Eastman Young Leaders Award — Jeret Johnson; Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award — Sarah Liston; Xerox Award for Innovation, Information Technology — Kevin Vonfeldt
• Board of Regents Kansas Scholar Curriculum Completers — Curriculum Completers — Alex Brown, Maris Delgadillo,  Cesar Ivan Garcia, Tyler Gleason, Amy Hiebert, Bailey Kile,  Nick Kwiatkowski, Johnathan Peterson, Karlee Rainbolt, Johnathan Sallee, Justin Van Vleet, Benjamin Wolf
• Board of Regents State of Kansas Scholars — Tyler Gleason, Justin Van Vleet
• Dale Dennis Excellence in Education Award — Emma Milhon
•  Gtrust Financial Partners Scholarship —  Kara Amon, Ben Wolf
• Hutchinson News First Hour and the High School Writer Awards — Performing and Fine Arts — Joelle Keith, Liberty Turner; Community Service/Leadership — Karlee Rainbolt, Tyler Gleason; Overcoming Personal Challenges — Amy Hiebert, Ivan Cesar Garcia II
• KHSAA Citizenship Awards — Ben Wolf, LibertyTurner
• KSU Outstanding Student in Math, Science — Justin  Van Vleet
• Perfect Attendance Awards — Kara Amon, Tyler Smith, Jeff Wilson
• Student Spotlight of the Year — Academics — Sara Liston; Athletics — Jeret Johnson; Fine Arts —Michael Wysong; Community Service — Cesar Ivan Garcia II
• Honor Roll Drawing — Danette Unruh