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Larned High honors Spotlight winners
paw jm September Spotlight
Courtesy Photo Larned High students honored for September Spotlight recognition are, from left, Josh Larsen, athletics; Gina Wray, fine arts; Jessi Johnson, leadership/service; and Cody Keenan, academics.

LARNED — Four Larned High students have been recognized as Student Spotlight winners for September.
Athletics: Josh Larsen, Senior
Josh has made a long-term commitment to Larned High School athletics, possessing the desire and the heart to be a part of a team. This loyal attitude provides a positive role model for younger athletes, and his good work ethic enables him to lead by example. 
Josh attends every practice and works hard until the whistle blows and knows that each member of the team is as important as the next.
This true team spirit is something that coaches try to instill in every player and is a perfect reason for Josh’s selection as the September spotlight in athletics.
Fine Arts: Gina Wray, Sophomore
It doesn’t matter if it’s a small part in a drama production or performing in front of a judge at the state music festival, Gina loves the arts and respects the fact that only through hard work can she achieve her goals.
Wanting to become part of the LHS jazz band required Gina to learn to play another instrument. Through hard work and perseverance, this goal was achieved. Gina has attended every jazz band rehearsal and she is usually the first to arrive.
Gina has also taken vocal and instrumental solos to music contests, as well as been involved in two vocal ensembles. Besides jazz band, Gina is a member of the show choir, Beginnings, and is a section leader in both choir and band. Her impressive resume makes Gina a perfect choice for the September spotlight in fine arts.
Leadership/Service: Jessi Johnson, Sophomore
Whether it is scraping ice off of a teacher’s windshield without being asked or preparing and delivering May baskets to the shut-ins, Jessi often leads by example, but she is not afraid to step up and take an assertive leadership role either when it is needed.
Being forward-thinking, Jessi often takes the leadership role in cooperative learning situations in the classroom and volunteers to chair committees that no one else wants to chair.
Always willing to welcome a new student to LHS, Jessi easily befriends those students and includes them in activities in which she is involved.
Jessi serves as a role model by working hard to hone her skills in tennis as well and by listening to ideas of others on the stage in the many drama productions in which she has been involved.  Her ability to lead and to serve others without any thought of personal recognition makes Jessi an obvious choice for the September spotlight in leadership/service.
Academics: Cody Keenan, Junior
Cody goes out of his way in order to help fellow classmates even when that help may infringe upon his own study time. 
Always available to lend a hand, Cody not only gives positive feedback and contributions during class, but he also is willing to help a friend outside of class as well.
Cody takes a challenging academic class load and pushes himself to understand fully each and every concept that is being taught in the classroom.
This desire to succeed has not only led to academic excellence but also has rightfully earned him the September spotlight in academics.