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Larned High School honors Spotlight students
Four students recognized
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Courtesy Photo Larned High has honored its October Spotlight Students of the Month Reagan Quick, Academics; Katie Seeman, Athletics; Rachael Herter, Fine Arts; and Kevin VonFeldt, Leadership/Service.

LARNED —Larned High School students have been recognized for academics, athletics, fine arts and Leadership/Service for October.
Academics: Reagan Quick, Junior
While some students simply go to class to get a grade, Reagan goes to class to learn.  Even though a class may not be her strong suit, Reagan does what it takes to learn a particular concept, whether it is by asking questions in class or coming in before school for help. 
This strong work ethic in the classroom has also resulted in membership in National Honor Society and high praise from those who have her in class.  Reagan is also able to achieve academic excellence while serving Larned High School on the athletic field and in the community as well.  Reagan truly meets the criteria of a good student and is a fitting choice for the October spotlight in academics.
Athletics: Katie Seeman, Senior
Being on a successful athletic team requires not only a good team effort but also individuals who are willing to improve their game. Katie definitely fits this description. Katie excels at her own game and sets realistic goals for herself. Not only does she work hard to improve the skills needed to become better, Katie also is willing to help the younger athletes, whether it is with a specific skill or just with an encouraging word. 
Katie maintains a positive attitude at practices and never complains about the task at hand. Not only has Katie participated at the state level four years in a row, but she also represents Larned High School as a three-sport athlete. Working hard both in and out of the classroom has also garnered Katie a membership in National Honor Society and is a perfect choice for the October spotlight in athletics.
Fine Arts: Rachael Herter, Junior
Rachael receives high praise from Diana Webster, the LHS choir director, and Janet Fleske, the drama instructor, but she also receives the utmost respect from her peers, who perform with her on a daily basis. 
Putting in long hours with voice lessons outside of school, morning rehearsals with Beginnings, and evening rehearsals for various stage productions, Rachael has become an integral part of both the LHS choir and drama departments. 
Rachael is an outstanding example of a student who participates as an athlete, as a member of National Honor Society, and as a state qualifier at music festivals, but also as someone who can bring you to tears with her voice.  Rachael, therefore, is an obvious choice for the October spotlight in fine arts.
Leadership/Service: Kevin VonFeldt, Senior
Kevin leads in and out of the classroom in a quiet and unassuming manner, unselfishly without expectation for personal rewards. 
Serving Larned High School in National Honor Society, being a positive contributor on the debate team, reaching the state level in tennis, being part of the tech crew for drama productions, competing on the scholars’ bowl team, representing LHS in our jazz band, as well as hitting with the girls’ tennis team on a daily basis and helping run our girls’ tennis tournaments,
Kevin definitely proves that “actions really do speak louder than words,” and he is the perfect choice for the October spotlight in leadership/service.