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Larned High to perform 'Down in Front'
Play scheduled Saturday, Sunday
Basil Crittendon
Courtesy Photo Basil Crittenden, a pompous theater critic is portrayed by Ethan Banman. Down in Front, is scheduled at 7:30 p.m. Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday.

LARNED — Over Actors’ Anonymous of Larned High School would like to invite everyone to their final performance of the year, “Down in Front,” a comedic farce which takes place in the lobby of an old theater.  
Written by Pat Cook, this fast-paced comedy will keep the audience guessing right to the final curtain.  
The performance of “Down in Front,” is scheduled at 7:30 p.m. Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday, April 15 at the Larned Community Center.
Will Grady, the people-pleasing usher, finally ask Janie, the aloof, hard-to-get usher, out on a date?  
Will Hilda Lancaster, the theater manager, and Rosemary, a theater lady who’s seen it all, ever find out who is trying to shut their theater down?  
And who called the owner of the theater, Mrs. Abernathy, and Phoebe, the manager of a rival theater, and Roy, the fire marshal?
And who is making a mess of the theater just when these three arrive?  
This chaos is driving head usher Cleo crazy, not to mention the very nervous playwright, Neil, who almost has a nervous breakdown when Basil Crittenden, the pompous theater critic, shows up unannounced.  
Luckily, Neil, has his very supportive girlfriend, Amanda, to calm him down — well, almost. Whew! No wonder no one pays attention to the thief who shows up to rob them.  
See you at the theater!

Cast and Crew
Grady, a naïve but energetic young man — Nolan Allison
Rosemary, a theater lady who’s seen it all — Brianne Smith
Matilda, a gossipy lady — Haley Roberts
Isadora, Matilda’s friend — Sarah Liston
Candy, a flighty usher — Allison Stejskal
Frieda, Candy’s roommate, an usher — Brittany Butler
Janie, pretty but bossy young lady, also an usher — Jessica Johnson
Amanda, Neil’s supportive girlfriend — Rachael Herter
Penny, a young, meek usher — Ashleigh Slattery
Ralph, a pushy usher — Shealon Calkins
Neil, a very nervous young playwright —  Michael Wysong
Basil Crittenden, a pompous theater critic —  Ethan Banman
Cleo, usher captain, who likes to be in charge —  Dallas Munden
Corbin Soames, an actor who’s something of a lush —  Easton Palmer
Hilda Lancaster, the theater manager—  Meredith Rogers
Gary, bit of a lady’s man —  Tyler Stelter
Mrs. Abernathy, theater owner’s wife —  Jacey Bishop
Thief,  just a wannabe crook —  Braiden Creggar
Roy, a no-nonsense fire marshal –  Dalton Hoch
Eunice, a feisty assistant to Roy  — Abby Ayre
Phoebe Van Skyler, an egocentric competitor — Christine Orr
Theater Goers —  Alysa Byrum, Veronica Higgins, Ditte-Marie Hartmeyer, Patricia Humphrey
Director — Michael Wysong
Set Director — Jessica Johnson
Set Crew —  Teresa Reason, Taylor Parr, Kendra Perez
Technical Directors —  Kevin Von Feldt and Logan VanHorn
Tech Crew — Grant Unruh, Braiden Bert, Steven Seltman
Videographer —  Duskin Bowman
Curtains — Corbin Terry
Stage Manager —  Kim Gobin
Stage Crew — Ty O’Neill, Jeromy Bartz
Hair and Make-Up — Kelsey Milhon, Allisa Spain, Janae Woods