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Larned Juvenile recognizes Employees of the Quarter
Daniel Drimmel, contract employee.

LARNED — The Larned Juvenile Correctional Facility has selected its employees of the quarter for July, August, and September.

Kasi Schartz, non-uniformed employee; Robert Peschka, uniformed employee; and Daniel Drimmel, contract employee.

These individuals were selected from nominations submitted by their peers; nominees are chosen based upon factors including job performance, dependability, competence, initiative, work ethic, and achievement.
Kasi Schartz, administrative assistant, was selected as the Non-Uniformed Employee of the Quarter.
Schartz was recognized for being a dedicated and dependable employee who plans well for absences, ensures that job duties are covered, and helps her co-workers with whatever task is needed.
“She is a well-organized, extremely creative, and very capable worker who respects and gets along well with everyone,” her nomination read. “Her willingness to accept new assignments is truly appreciated; she is a high achiever who does not shy away from a challenge. Through her interactions with fellow staff, ISOs, and members of the public, she has proven herself to be a true professional who represents LJCF well.”
“The staff at LJCF is amazing,” she said. “We are one big family, and you couldn’t ask for more. You know you will always have someone who supports your decision. They will be there when you need a hand. I couldn’t ask for a better place to build a career!”
Schartz began work with the state of Kansas in 2008, working as a MHDD at the Larned State Hospital until January 2011.
She was rehired by the Larned Juvenile Correctional Facility in September 2011, spending nearly two years as a juvenile corrections officer I before transferring to her current position as an administrative assistant for the records and information management department in June 2012.
In this role, she assists the special investigator with collecting and documenting security threat group information; her knowledge about gang associations continues to contribute to the safety and security of our facility.
She is part of the employee activity committee, as well as chair of the youth special events committee, where her work and ideas have certainly made a positive impact on the LJCF youth.
“I really enjoy working with the juveniles,” she said. “Some days are a challenge, but I learn something new from them every day. For every bad day they may have, there are always more good days behind them. As a facility, we are helping them better themselves and their lives. When you get that one phone call or e-mail about a juvenile who has made a successful future for himself, it’s at that moment that you know that we are winning!”
Schartz enjoys spending time with her family and friends, or going to the lake to camp, fish and jet-ski.

Robert Peschka, juvenile corrections officer I, was selected as the Uniformed Employee of the Quarter.
Officer Peschka’s nomination noted the wonderful way in which he interacts with the youth residents.
“He rewards positive behaviors by commending youth for doing something well, and ensuring they receive fair and equitable scores on their behavior assessments,” his nomination read. “He is a calm and patient officer who is able to build a strong rapport, but still keep appropriate boundaries. Even when youth are combative, he does not behave in a grudging manner. Instead, he allows the individual to apologize for his behavior, thus turning the situation into a learning experience. JCOI Peschka is firm, fair, and consistent — someone who is able to recognize and acknowledge another’s strengths — and a true asset to our facility!”
Officer Peschka began his state career at the Larned State Hospital, starting as a mental health aide in February 2002, working through September 2003. He rejoined state service in February 2015, when he was hired into his current juvenile corrections officer I position.

Daniel Drimmel, was selected as the Contract Employee of the Quarter.
Drimmel serves as the high school science instructor and IT technician for Westside High School, USD 495, located at LJCF.
He was commended for being supportive of his co-workers, participating in school events, and providing his unique humor and perspective. He continually seeks new ways to reach students, showing enthusiasm and creativity in the classroom, which translates into students requesting to attend his science classes because “he makes it exciting.”
“Daniel has shown great initiative and adaptability, willingly assuming IT duties for the school, as well as taking on the computer-based math project,” his nomination read. “He consistently demonstrates a great work ethic, staying late to grade papers, checking on students’ progress, and preparing projects for the classroom; his lesson plans are always complete and submitted on time.
“I love working here with the kids,” Drimmel said. “I find it very rewarding.”
Drimmel began teaching at Westside in July 2014. Prior to that, he was employed by the University of Nebraska in Lincoln as the Kansas research coordinator manager. He conducted research on Kansas Wetlands along the Missouri River Basin.
Drimmel attends graduate classes at Fort Hays State University. He enjoys photography and spending time with his family.