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Larned singles player Anderson places runner-up
tennis team photo
Larned's girls tennis team

PRATT — Larned’s No. 2 singles player Kristin Anderson placed runner-up with a 8-5 loss to Sterling’s Lindsay Gilmore at Saturday’s Pratt Tennis Invitational. Anderson defeated players from Pratt, Wellington and Greeley County to make the championship match.
Larned’s No. 2 doubles Ali Leiker and Abby Kelty placed third with a 8-4 victory over Pratt’s Hailey Hewatt and Brynn Hampton.
No. 1 singles Amanda Lessard placed fifth with a 8-5 victory over Pratt’s Julieann McClain, Pratt.
No. 1 doubles Macy Haas and Katelynn Sanger finished fourth with a 8-5 loss to Sterling’s Jasmine Bates and Katie Comley.
Wellington captured first place with 31 points and Sterling scored 29 points.
Sterling’s Madison Thrasher won No. 1 singles 8-1 over Welllington’s Abby Lowe.
Wellington’s No. 1 doubles Mekenna Adams and Kylie Aufdengarten defeated Greeley County;s Morgan Woelk and Caela Ibarra 8-2.
At No. 2 doubles, Wellington’s Lexi Saffell and Jacelyn Buck defeated Greley County’s Abby Berggren and Jessica Mendoza, 8-2.

TEAM TOTALS—1. Wellington 31; 2. Sterling 29; 3. Larned 21; 4. (tie) Chaparral 20; Tribune-Greeley County 20; 6. Pratt 19; 7. Kingman 16; 8. Lyons 2.
No. 1 singles
1st—Madison Thrasher, Sterling def. Abby Lowe, Well, 8-1
3rd—Sydney Roe, King def. Maggie Mathes, Chap, 8-1
5th—Amanda Lessard, Larned def. Julieann McClain, Pratt, 8-5
7th—Daniela Valeta, GC def. Kristina Head, Lyons, 8-1
Larned results—Thrasher def. Lessard, 8-1; Mathes def. Lessard, 8-1; Lessard def. Valeta, 8-5
No. 2 singles
1st—Lindsay Gilmore, Sterling def. Kristin Anderson, Larned, 8-5
3rd—Ciara Hodgkinson, Pratt def. Shaylyn Ballard, Chap, 8-3
5th—Libby Beat, King def. Brittany Leubers, GC, 8-3
7th—Natalie Henning, Well def. Ashlyn Troyer, Lyons, 8-4
Larned results—Anderson def. Hodgkinson, 8-5; Anderson def. Henning, 8-1; Anderson def. Leubers, 8-0
No. 1 doubles
1st—Mekenna Adams/Kylie Aufdengarten, Well def. Morgan Woelk/Caela Ibarra, GC, 8-2
3rd—Jasmine Bates/Katie Comley, Sterling def. Macy Haas/Katelynn Sanger, Larned, 8-5
5th—Nicole Reichenberger/Tori Hassler, Pratt def. Kayla Roth/Francesca Fenato, King, 8-1
7th—Madison Myers/Hannah Moss, Chap def. Mckayla Vincent/Kelsey Jenkins, Lyons, 8-0
Larned results—Woelk/Ibarra def. Haas/Sanger, 8-5; Madison Myers/Hannah Moss def. Haas/Sanger, 8-7 (7-5); Haas/Sanger def. Reichenberger/Hassler, 8-5
No. 2 doubles
1st—Lexi Saffell/Jacelyn Buck, Well def. Abby Berggren/Jessica Mendoza, GC, 8-2
3rd—Ali Leiker/Abby Kelty, Larned def. Hailey Hewatt/Brynn Hampton, Pratt, 8-4
5th—Sam Clover/Caitlin Coggins, Chap def. Tania Silva/Devany Gamez, Lyons, 8-3
Larned results—Saffell/Buck def. Leiker/Kelty, 8-4; Leiker-Kelty def. Clover-Coggins, 8-3; Leiker-Kelty def. Haley Mitchell/Alesha Bergner (Pratt), 8-3