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Larned USD 495 board hears reports
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Photo by Jim Misunas Great Bend Tribune Jon Flint, Larned USD 495 superintendent, addresses teachers and staff Tuesday morning at Larned Middle School.

LARNED — The Larned USD 495 heard reports from building administrators and supervisors at a recent meeting of the board of education. The following are approved minutes from the July 11 meeting.
Jay Haremza was nominated and approved as president of the Board of Education for USD 495 for the 2011-12 school year. June Barger was nominated and approved as vice president of the Board of Education of USD 495 for the 2011-12 school year.
Attending were board members Jay Haremza, Sharon Arnold, Kevin Reese, June Barger, Sharon Lessard, Phil Martin, board attorney, Bonnie Carlson, treasurer, Joyce Simpson, clerk. Absent were board members Brenda Hagerman, Marcia Giessel.
The agenda and June 13, 2011 minutes were approved as presented. Bills were approved as presented. The May treasurer’s report was approved as presented.
The board heard several reports.
Tri-County Special Education
Margo Buscher, Tri-County Special Education reported that she is still looking at several new hires for the upcoming school year.
All the certified positions are filled with the exception of one. Tri-County has purchased technology pieces similar to the iPods for the preschool students. Buscher said that there are iPods and iPads available for check. There have been some changes made in staff based on student needs. There will be a lead para in each building next year to field questions, relay information. There is an increase in salary for the lead position as it is easier to talk to one person rather than 75. Hopefully, the lead para will be able to squelch any rumors that also might arise.
Jennifer Anderson, USD 495 curriculum director, passed around AYP information that seems to contradict what they sent out about a month ago. She noted that originally the middle school didn’t make AYP, but now they do.
There are several instances in the report that don’t make sense and it basically depends on the state’s calculations. Anderson said she will appeal the report and feels she has fairly good grounds to win the appeal.
The other section relates to free and reduced students and graduation rates. Anderson said she is finishing up reports for the year; a Common Core Workshop in Hays that 16 administrators and teachers are attending, and a LETRS Workshop in Wichita.
Richard Fairchild, transportation director, reported that he had attended the State Transportation Conference in Salina.
He stated that the buzzword at the conference was compressed gas. It sounded good until it came to the price of the unit, the facilities upgrades that would need to be done, and the buses had to be plugged in every day to fill as that process was so slow. One district had done the change over and the price was outstanding.
Fairchild reports that summer repairs are going as scheduled. There are rust issues as usual. Fairchild said the mechanic was doing a great job. Fairchild reports that he had a load of fuel arrive the day before the oil spill at Yellowstone. The fuel prices skyrocketed. The next thing coming up for transportation is the vehicle inspections and Fairchild expects everything to go well.
Daryl Gobin, USD 495 maintenance director, reported that the roofs are completed at ALC and Northside and the boiler is going in at Phinney. The heat has been extreme but that has caused the grass to slow down growing.
Gobin stated that the football field was sprayed for weeds and the grass is coming in really well. The Pawnee County Co-op is donating some weed killer and fertilizer for the practice field.
Board discussion
Jon Flint, USD 495 superintendent, reported to the board members that the June payment from the state is scheduled to arrive in July. It is hard to close the books when the money is not here. Paychecks and lump sum checks went out as usual. The money for the checks came out of the contingency fund. Four board self-evaluations were received and Flint stated that he would report the results at the August meeting.
Board discussion
Board member Sharon Lessard inquired if the football team follows the heat index over the summer as well as during the school year. Flint stated that he would check with athletic director Wayne Morrow, but since it was school sanctioned they should be following the heat guidelines.
Board member Jay Haremza noted that the old carpentry garage was going to be used by the Larned Booster Club for their storage. The cleaning of the building was scheduled July 12.
Invitations will be sent to the visiting team to participate. The current Larned Booster Club is much more aggressive in membership and sponsors. Jay also welcomed Kevin Reece to the school board.
The following designations were made by the board — Clerk of the Board — Joyce Simpson; Treasurer —Bonnie Carlson; School Attorney — Phil Martin; Official Newspaper — Larned Tiller and Toiler; Official Bank Depositories — First State Bank, Farmers Bank and Trust, Bank of the West and American State Bank; Food Service Appeal Officer — Jennifer Anderson; KPERS Representative — Bonnie Carlson; Health Insurance Representative — Jean Simmons; Treasurer of Activity and Petty Cash — Bonnie Carlson; Food Service Representative — Jean Simmons; State and Federal Program Compliance Coordinator — Jennifer Anderson; Tri-County Special Service Representative — Jon Flint; Title IX/Section 504 Representative/Coordinator — Jennifer Anderson; Official Auditor — Agler & Gaeddert; State and Federal Program Representative — Jon Flint; Freedom of Information Officer — Jennifer Anderson; Truancy Officers — Building Administrators; Coordinator for Homeless Children – Jennifer Anderson; KASB Governmental Relations Representative — Brenda Hagerman; Junior City Council Representatives — Sharon Lessard and Sharon Arnold.
 The following were adopted — the 1,116 hour calendar; Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Resolution; Establish Activity Funds Resolutions; Establish Petty Cash Funds; Authorizing Early Payment of Claims Resolution; Mileage Rate at 45 cents; Resolution for Rescinding Policy Statements Found in Board Minutes; Resolution to Reaffirm Policies of the Board of Education; Resolution to Establish Home Rule; Cost per Copy at 10 cents.