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Larned wrestlers place at junior varsity meet
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LARNED — Larned High wrestlers Jalen Kraisinger (132), Kobe Kraisinger (138) and Wes Davis (160) placed first in the Larned junior varsity tournament Saturday.
Indian wrestlers Marcus Nolde (126), Austin Mead (145) and  Jeremiah Slattery (182-195) each placed second in their weight divisions.
106—Jacob Simmons 5th. Simmons pinned Ethan Wilson, Pratt, 1:27; Daniel Bustillos, Hugoton pinned Simmons, 1:23; Savannah Kennon, Great Bend pinned Simmons, 1:06; Luis Gurecca, Liberal pined Simmons, 1:49; Braxton Schooler, Great Bend pinned Simmons, 1:04.
120—David Valadez 3rd. Tony Ibarra, Pratt pinned Valadez, 0:21; Valadez def. Mason Burris, Larned, 0:14; Valadez def. Ethan Gevara, Larned, 9-7; Alex Chim, Liberal def. Valadez, 13-12.
 120—Ethan Gevara 4th.  Ibarra, Pratt pinned Gevara, 5:08; Valadez, Larned def. Gevara, 9-7; Chim, Liberal pinned Gevara, 1:01; Gevara, Larned pinned Mason Burris, Larned, 2:54.
120—Chim, Liberal def. Burris, Larned, 11-1;  Valadez pinned Burris, 0:14; Ibarra, Pratt pinned Burris, 2:50;  Gevara, Larned pinned Burris, 2:54.
126—Marcus Nolde 2nd. Nolde pinned Austin Gladow, Larned, 1:00;  Conrad Montoya, Great Bend def. Nolde, 10-4; Nolde pinned Clinton James, Pratt, 0:52.
126—Nolde, Larned pinned Gladow, Larned, 1:00; James, Pratt def. Gladow, 14-3; Montoya, Great Bend pinned Gladow, 2:18.
126—Dalton Bright 3rd. Christian Pineda, Liberal pinned Bright, 0:52; Emanuel Rivero, Liberal def. Bright, 8-0; Bright pinned Will Mass, Pratt, 2:24.
132—Jalen Kraisinger 1st; Kraisinger pinned Rickey Burrows, Hugoton, 3:17; Kraisinger def. Tyler Epp, Great Bend, 9-0; Kraisinger def. Kayla Tran, Liberal, 11-0.
138—Kobe Kraisinger 1st;  Kraisinger pinned Jack Williams, Hoisington, 0:34; Kraisinger def. Aron Reyes, Great Bend, 2-0; Kraisinger pinned Max Easley, Larned, 0:31; Kraisinger pinned Brinttain Noah, Hoisington, 1:27.
138—Easley 4th. Reyes, Great Bend pinned Easley, 0:55; Noah, Hoisington pinned Easley, 0:10; Kraisinger pinned Easley, 0:31; Easley  pinned Williams, Hoisington, 1:35.
145—Austin Mead 2nd. Mead def. Andreas Verecke, Larned, 12-2;  Mead pinned Rudy Gearhart, Hoisington, 0:26; Ethan Ford, Scott City pinned Mead, 1:29;  Mead pinned Otto Cruz, Liberal, 1:22;  Mead pinned Brady Schartz, Great Bend, 1:44.
145—Andreas Verecke 4th.  Mead, Larned def. Verecke, 12-2; Ford, Scott City def. Verecke, 16-1; Verecke pinned Cruz, Liberal, 1:15;  Verecke pinned Schartz, Great Bend, 1:09; Gearhart, Hoisington def. Verecke, 3-1.
152—Tyler Walker, Hoisington def. Dalton McClendon, Larned, 9-4; Keegan Bowman, Great Bend pinned McClendon, 3:55; Josh Hamilton, Great Bend def. McClendon, 6-2.
 160—Wes Davis 1st.  Davis pinned Blake Ridge, Great Bend, 1:08;  Davis pinned Nicodemus Trejo, Great Bend, 0:21;  Davis def. Justin Lamatsch, Pratt, 10-4.
 170—Kelton Barrett 4th.  Barrett pinned Cameron Blankenship, Sublette, 1:38;  Pierre Portes, Scott City pinned Barrett, 0:26;  Barrett def. Jordan Taylor, Larned, 6-4; Ben Schneider, Hoisington def. Barrett, 10-0;  Jeremy Breit, Hoisington def. Barrett, 13-2.
170—Jordan Taylor 5th. Schneider, Hoisington pinned Taylor, 0:25; Breit, Hoisington def. Taylor, 18-2; Barrett def. Taylor, 6-4; Portes, Scott City pinned Taylor, 1:08;  Taylor pinned Blankenship, Sublette, 1:29.
182-195—Jeremiah Slattery 2nd.  Slattery def. Ulises Reyes, Hugoton, 8-7;  Justin Bradley, Hoisington pinned Slattery. 0:41; Slattery def. Asaf Ruiz, Hugoton, 4-0.
 285—Edgar Garcia 5th.  Garcia pinned Trevar Younger, Hoisington, 0:52; Alex Bolivar, Sublette pinned Garcia, 1:35; Colin Hinds, Hoisington pinned Garcia, 0:55;  Brian Flores, Hugoton pinned Garcia, 1:40;  Brody Nicholas, Hoisington pinned Garcia, 4:17;