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Larneds First Christmas will be celebrated Dec. 6
Photo by JIM MISUNAS Great Bend Tribune Larneds First Christmas is set to be celebrated at the Little Red House, a historic site.

LARNED — The memory of Larned’s First Christmas will be celebrated from 4 to 6 p.m. Dec. 6 at the historic Little Red House at 2nd and State Streets.  
At 5:30 p.m., students from Sacred Heart School will present a program featuring an ash tree they personally cut on Ash Creek and decorated in accordance dance with George Morrell’s description.
Enjoy a cup of hot cider served by. members of the sts. Mary and Martha Episcopal Church and period music performed by Robert and Lisa Sallee.
Larned’s first Christmas was first described by George Worrell in a letter to the Larned Chronoscope dated Dec. 22, 1927. George was the brother of Isabel Worrell, Larned’s first teacher who taught class in The Little Red House.
‘I remember the first Christmas tree in Larned,” Worrell wrote. “A young ash tree was cut out on Ash Creek. It was wrapped carefully in cotton, decorated with anything that could be procured, The whole town was there and there wasn’t a very big crowd.
“I have an idea that one class in any Sunday school this year will get more presents and costing more money than all that was on that first tree. But everybody got something — no one was missed. It might be only a naked stick of horehound candy with a string around it, but it was taken off the tree — name called and delivered, as it is today.
“Such as they had. The true Christmas spirit was there. They met that night only as friends and fellow beings. I have been to many since that night, but don’t believe that the anticipation by the children is any greater today than then, or that the simple toys of that first tree were any less valued by the kids than are those from off the finest tree you will in your city this year.”