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Larneds Reed places runner-up at league
CKL Wrestling Tournament
reed larned reeh hillsboro

By Jim Misunas

NICKERSON — State-ranked Kaiden Reed (285) placed runner-up to highlight Larned High’s eighth-place finish Saturday at the Central Kansas League Wrestling Tournament. Larned scored 58 points.
Reed pinned three opponents and won four matches to qualify for a 285-pound championship match against Smoky Valley’s Brix Brickey. Brickey, ranked fifth in Class 4A, defeated Reed 5-1. Reed (25-9) is ranked sixth in Class 4A.
Larned’s Skyler Hoch (195) finished 2-2 and beat wrestlers from Nickerson and Hillsboro to finish third in a five-wrestler pool.
Seth Hutchins (220) finished with a 2-2 record and pinned Hillsboro’s Franklin Jost in 1:07 to finish fifth.
Larned’s Marcus Nolde (113) and Dalton Barker (132) each won one match. Max Easley (126) and Wyatt Davis (170) lost all of their matches.
Larned journeys to Colby for the Class 4A wrestling regional Friday and Saturday. The top four finishers in each weight class qualifies for the 4A state tournament Feb. 28-March 1 at Salina.
Team totals—1. Smoky Valley 252; 2. Pratt 226; 3. Hoisington 204.5; 4. Lyons 138.5; 5. Hillsboro 82; 6. Nickerson 80; Hillsboro 64; 7. Halstead 73; 8. Larned 58; 9. Hesston 50.
113—Marcus Nolde, Larned, (10-17) def. Karber, Smoky Valley, 7-1; Foreman, Pratt, pinned Nolde, 2:15; Lang, Hoisington, def. Nolde, 6-5; Goans, Lyons, pinned Nolde, 3:55.
126—Raigoza, Nickerson, pinned Max Easley, Larned (5-12), 5:42; Lackey, Smoky Valley, pinned Easley, 4:29; Carey, Hillsboro, pinned Easley, 1:05; Croslin, Hoisington, pinned Easley, 1:57; 7th place—Contreras, Lyons, def. Easley, 8-6.
132—Dalton Barker, Larned, (13-19) pinned Jenkins, Hesston, 5:04; Ball, Hoisington, def. Barker, 15-0; Archuleta, Smoky Valley, pinned Barker, 1:08; Hoy, Pratt, def. Barker, 6-2; Morris, Halstead, pinned Barker, 3:25.
170—Cook, Smoky Valley, pinned Wyatt Davis, Larned (8-17), 0:44; Baxter, Nickerson, pinned Davis, 0:32; Kroetsch, Lyons, pinned Davis, 2:35; Meier, Hillsboro, def. Davis, 4-0; 7th place—Wingfield, Hesston, pinned Davis, 3:52.
195—Skyler Hoch, Larned (14-15) def. Shull, Nickerson, 10-7; Hoch pinned Simhiser, Hillsboro, 2:14; Loder, Smoky Valley, pinned 1:21; Urban, Hosington, def. Hoch, 13-0.
220—Seth Hutchins, Larned (10-10), pinned Newill, Lyons, 2:49; Peterson, Smoky Valley, pinned Hutchins. 5:38; Blackwell, Hoisington, def. Hutchins, 7-2; 5th place—Hutchins pinned Jost, Hillsboro, 1:07  
285—Kaiden Reed, Larned (25-9), pinned Cheatham, Hesston, 1:19; Reed def. McCurdy, Lyons, 5-2; Reed pinned Boor, Hoisington, 5:41; Semifinal—Reed pinned Reeh, Hillsboro, 1:39; 1st place—Brickey, Smoky Valley, def. Reed, Larned, 5-1.